Summer Days, wastin’ away…


drop cap as of this writing, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still in the hunt for the city’s first professional sports championship since the 1960’s. Of course they have backed themselves into a pretty large corner – specifically, a 3-1 deficit. But, they did manage to win the fifth game which sends the series back to Cleveland for a pivotal game Thursday.


As long as Draymond Green wasn’t playing, the Cavaliers seemed like the better team. But that won’t be the case in the sixth game so LeBron and Kyrie Irving had better bring their ‘A’ games and maybe a little more. I know I picked Cleveland to win the whole thing a few weeks back and have stuck with my pick thus far, but, if I am being honest now, I don’t see them winning the final two. I think they take Game 6, but drop the seventh game in Oakland. Golden State is as good as their regular season indicated and appear to be a dynasty in the making.

JAN 1 1980: O.J. Simpson of the Buffalo Bills in action during a game against the Denver Broncos at Rich Stadium in Buffalo, New York. Mandatory Credit: Getty Images
JAN 1 1980: O.J. Simpson of the Buffalo Bills in action during a game against the Denver Broncos at Rich Stadium in Buffalo, New York. Mandatory Credit: Getty Images

Have really enjoyed the ESPN 30 for 30 on O.J. Simpson thus far. I think a lot of younger people, myself included, forgot just how great a football player O.J. was. And it seems like most people had no idea what a bad human he was.


The phone calls from Nicole Brown to the police are certainly heart-wrenching. I do wish they would dig a little deeper into O.J.’s past to let us know if he was always the way they present him in the second episode, or if something changed when he got famous. Because the film seemed to present him as a pretty good guy, right up until he married Brown.


As I am well aware of how the whole thing works out, I can’t say I am looking forward to seeing what happens next, however I am interested to see what other new information the film makers present. It is certainly a sad story they are telling, but a very interesting one at the same time.

Looks like the Penguins won the Stanley Cup! (I know I said I wouldn’t mention any more hockey here, but I figured this deserved at least a passing acknowledgment.)

Brock Lesnar

Did you see where professional wrestler Brock Lesnar (okay, he’s a former MMA champion, to be fair) is going to return to fight at UFC 200?


It was actually big news and Lesnar ended up on ESPN and other places talking about his upcoming big fight. I think UFC/MMA is kind of a weird deal. It really seems like anyone can just step in and get themselves a big fight, assuming they have enough celebrity coming in. Lesnar did it. Fellow pro wrestler Dave Bautista did it. Another pro wrestler, C.M. Punk is trying to do it (although it seems like his body might stop him.) Herschel Walker did it too, at the age of 50, to boot.


I think you get what I’m saying, is fighting in a cage so uncomplicated that anyone can just step in there and either take or give a beating? On the surface it seems that would be the case, but when you read about all the fighting disciplines the good MMA fighters train in, you start to wonder. Either way, I am sure Lesnar will give the sport a popularity boost. Even if it is just for the one fight he has.

baseballFinally, I wanted to mention that the column will be taking a couple weeks off while I drive across the midwest to watch some baseball. So, that is something to look forward to the first week of July, tales from Kansas City, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cincinnati and St. Louis! Until then, try and stay cool and enjoy those summer nights.


  1. You picked Cleveland and they won! Mr. Grant has now attained the status of “Prophet!” I am a Cleveland fan, but I was definitely a “fan of little faith.” I thought they were done (“Put a fork in them!”) again, and again. It was my best Father’s Day ever when they won game 7. Yahoo! Keep up the good writing you “Prophet with a Pen.” Remember kids, “Defense wins championships!”

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