Suggested Resolutions For 2017 By the Traveling Retiree, Arn Lahde

  • Over the past months, there have been many receptions, luncheons and dinners for retiring employees, but there has been no thank you from Executive Management, who failed to attend any of these events. The new Board President, who has tirelessly shown respect and concern for all employees, see that all retirees are thanked for their service; perhaps the printing department could print a “Thank You’ to acknowledge retirees individually for their service.
  • All reorganizations be halted so that the new Board President can gage their benefits, and rationale with the GM. There has been over a year of instability in management, and the GM should know rating companies are mindful of this and it will reflect in negative ratings. Not only that, it is openly stated by newly favored cliques and silos, that changes being made are retaliatory to previous management, or due to nepotism.
  • Employees be informed of new reporting relationships as things change every six months. New supervisors have been added; yet, all employees do not know they have new supervisors. Since CSP’s were divided between CSP and Planning departments there has been no transition of projects to Planning, consequently nobody knows what to do, or who they are working for.
  • The new president hire an independent auditor to review all procurement contracts in place to surface all rumored conflicts of interest between the Energy manager, ZGlobal, Regenerate, and consultant friends hired despite no work to justify the positions. There are numerous complaints about not following procurement and hiring/promotion policies calling for bidding & job postings – creating grossly unfair practices that lower morale and productivity.
  • Give credit where credit is due: ZGlobal created the Strategic Transmission Expansion Program (STEP), and this is stated on the cover of the document filed with the CAISO.
  • Restore an independent reporting structure so that project management provides project expenditures for the direct purview of the Directors, thereby restoring one of the lost checks & balances.
  • New Board advise employees it is not a disciplinary, or firing offense to speak with Directors as they have been told individually and in HR sponsored meetings like the implementation of the new Employee Evaluation Form. This dystopian approach is another morale crusher, and can’t be overcome by ordering employees to say they are happy.
  • Get a realistic projection of the exposure for early buyouts, forced retirement settlements, and lawsuits from firings. Several hundred thousand has already been expended and rough estimates are flying that vary up to several million dollars.

Finally, the new Board ask for a review of the trading floor operation. According to employees, ZGlobal routinely by passes IID oversight to make/discuss trades. As ZGlobal has its own trading operation and schedules trades for other entities this might be considered market manipulation to benefit financial position – a serious FERC violation.
Arn Lande


  1. IID was billed for a $200K system study and spent $535 in February on legal fees. What did IID get for this money?

  2. 8 Minute Energy’s Martin Herman better learn to rein in Carl Stills. If not, Martin will be viewed as condoning or even participating with Carl’s inside IID Energy & Board play.

  3. Those of us in IID Executive and PSA bargaining units know that Mr. Carl Stills is the mind & pen behind all of Mr. Arn Lande’s work.

    Carl & Arn’s continued muckraking efforts are self-serving, embarrassing and hurt us all. We are fortunate to have survived their recent internal control at IID when they both were employed there.

    • Arn and his friiend Carl have missed the mark many times. But they are not the only ones that find the conduct of ZG and the energy manger unethical and demoralizing. And please you no more speak for IID employee then Your promotion was due to your vast experience and knowledge.

  4. Has Desert Review ever proven the accuracy or veracity of Arn Lahde crap printed ?

    Or better yet.

    Who is the actual local sour grapes source and scribe behind the scenes ?

  5. It isn’t a question of where the information comes from but its veracity. All indications are the information is highly veracious. If you have factual information to the contrary provide the details. Absent doing so statements such as yours lack probity.

  6. This is what happens with an incompetent leader. His only real skill is to act as a puppet resulting in widespread corruption and demoarilzed staff.

      • Simply put, Jesse Montano, a contractor working for IID, proposed a multi-million dollar contract be approved to his own company without competitive bidding.

  7. No need to vett, qualifications or experiience just need to be related to Rivera, friends with Montano or connected to ZG and you are a supervisor in the next reorganization. All the experience staff has been shelved and put away no one to question all the things beiing done or not done

  8. Arn, how do you know so much? Do you still get paid by IID?
    , Or do you have a lot of stoolies in the organization?

    • Regardless who is talking for once Lande got it right. It is shameful what is being done by vicken and Montano to IID.

    • Telling the truth regarding a public agency is not being a rat or a stoolie, it is the correct and moral thing to do. The IID is owned by the public and they have a right to know. The only people scared of the truth are the guilty.

  9. The resolutions you propose for 2017 are good. Of course I see that the first three are centered on improving the life of the IID employees. The employees are what made IID successful. Director Kuhn has always shown his appreciation for the employees work. Sadly, he is the only director that did. The GM doesn’t even speak to the employees. His actions and his demeanor say that he would rather outsource all positions if he could.
    Hiring an independent auditor has been done in the past with mixed results. If the auditor reports to the Board president it may work. If they are managed by the GM or his cronies it probably won’t work. Maybe Director Kuhn needs to request a grand jury audit as some of the problem is members of the board, the GM, and some of his direct reports.
    Director Kuhn can’t do it all by himself. But he can expose the corruption, the unethical behavior, and the fraud that exists at the IID. The problems the IID has are not the result of its employees but rather the result of the board, general manager, and his cronies. The employees would like to work for a great organization again.

    • The board is into it for themselves. Management is beyond fixable as they and the puppet gm dance to board’s every whim. Honest and dedicated employees are pushed to the side every time, while relatives and church cronies get promoted. Have ties to the consultants and life is golden. The right people know where to dig for the skeletons.

      • Has anyone asked how much ZGlobal and their shadow management has cost over the last 10 years & how much they plan to make?

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