softball Wildcats vs Eagles

JALYN AYALA closes out the game with five hits and no runs scored against her, aiding the Wildcats in a 4–0 victory over the Eagles. 

BRAWLEY The Brawley Girls Varsity Softball team hosted the Southwest Eagles May 19, for a match-up that ended with the Wildcats shutting out the Eagles, 4-0.

The Eagles were struck out by the Wildcat’s pitcher Jalyn Ayala, who shut out the inning.

The Wildcats led off with a hit by Haylee Garcia for a single and then had three additional hits by Dilynn Gill, Kamryn Rodriguez, and Savannah Contreras to drive in runs for a three-point lead.  

In the top of the second inning, the Eagles earned hits by Sadriena Rodriguez and Thyara Aguilar but were unable to drive in any runs to close out the top half of the inning.

The Wildcats made an additional run in the bottom of the second inning and led to their 4–0 victory.

Throughout the match-up, the Wildcat’s Gill led her team with two hits, one RBI, and one run herself to aid in her team’s victory. Also, Contreras obtained two base hits and one RBI.

Ayala also pitched a full game and only allowed five hits and no runs to for another win this season. 

“Our team played tough and never wanted to ease up throughout the game and when your pitcher is able to close out the match, it gives your players a lot of confidence at the plate,” said head coach Kevin Kerns.

With this victory over the Eagles, the Wildcats will advance to face off against San Pasqual High School May 23 at a neutral location.

The Eagles drop down in the brackets and will face off against Mission Hills High School from San Marcos May 21 at a neutral location.

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