Vikings take another win at home

The Imperial High School Lady Tigers defend against the Holtville High School Viking in a league volleyball matchup Thursday, Oct. 7, where the Vikings demonstrated yet another sweep.

HOLTVILLE — The Holtville High School Vikings hosted the Imperial High School Tigers in a league volleyball matchup Thursday, Oct. 7, where the Vikings demonstrated yet another sweep.

Imperial came into the best of five series with the record of 0-3 in league, while the Vikings went in with a perfect 4-0 record.

Holtville had first possession and started off the best of five game series, where the Tigers continued to work against themselves through lack of communication with teammates, leading to several player collisions and netters.

Imperial demonstrated some great plays but could not put up enough points to make up the deficit against Holtville’s early game points.

The Vikings showed off powerful hit attacks from Orian Anderson, Kamryn Walker, and Jasmine Garewal. Walker led final serves, which resulted in game-winning points. Holtville took game one with a 25-10 victory.

Anderson started off game two with back-to-back successful serves. Anderson and Walker were a true duo, and Anderson’s other half gave very strong hit attacks in game two. 

The Tigers went all out in offense, which allowed them to tie game two early on, but it wasn't long until the Vikings took the lead once again.

Imperial kept the score close with huge defensive double blocks from Viking attackers. A game-two timeout allowed both teams to collect themselves and come up with a game plan. The score of 14-6 remained on the scoreboard during the timeout.

Holtville maintained offensive control with scores from Kalli Strahm and back-to-back hit attacks against their guests. The Vikings took several dives to keep the ball going, which ultimately gave them the 25-7 game-two victory.

Game three began with Holtville leading the way. The Vikings continued to use their strong hit attacks to once again, provide points early on. Several unsuccessful Tiger dives proved frustrating for the traveling team, but not enough to see them give up.

The Tigers tried to come back from the missed points but hit the ball out of play multiple times, giving the Vikings a larger lead. Despite their troubles, Imperial showed big time offensive plays to help regain possession several times.

But it wasn't long before the Vikings ballooned the lead with double points.

The Tigers continued to hit out of play during game three, which gave the Vikings the 25-12 game-three win and sealing the sweep.

Holtville will go on to face the Brawley High School Lady Wildcats next Tuesday in a huge rivalry match up in Brawley. The first time the two teams played each other, the nail-biting matchup went through all five games.

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