Imperial vs Southwest soccer

Viviana Espino (8) takes a pass to try and get the ball around the Eagles midfielder Marilyn Dominguez (5) in the first half of play.

IMPERIAL — The Imperial Tigers girls varsity team hosted the Southwest Eagles for a soccer match Thursday, January 30, that resulted in a close scoring game where the Eagles pulled through in the second half of play, defeated the Tigers, 3-2.

Opening the first half of play, the Eagles kicked off for the first possession of the game. After passing down the field, the Eagles moved the ball for a shot on goal that was blocked out of play for a goal kick.

On the Tigers first possession the girls passed around the field but were unable to press forward. Moving into the ninth minute of the game, the Eagles passed the ball to Aaliyah Felix for a shot that flew past the goalie and into the back corner of the goal, 1-0.

For the next six minutes of play, the teams switched possession back and forth but were unable to get the ball past the goalie. However, during the final three minutes of play, the Eagles managed to gain steady possession of the ball. Going downfield, Eagles’ Marilyn Dominguez dribbled passed the middle of the pitch and passed to Geneva Garcia. Garcia approached the beginning of the box for a shot on goal, giving the Eagles their second goal of the game, 2-0.

The Tigers mustered up a chance to cut their deficit by one in the final moments of the first half of play. After gaining possession of the ball, Tigers’ Mykenzie Wright received a pass in front of the Eagles box. Wright stopped and aimed her shot for a kick that soared over the goalie for a goal in the left corner of the goal, 2-1.

Starting off the second half of play, the Tigers kicked off for the first possession. After moving down field, the Tigers took a shot at goal by Perla Vega that was knocked away by Eagle Goalie Dania Lopez. Proceeding the Tigers corner kick, the Eagles cleared the ball to switch possession of the ball.

The Eagles passed the ball around to run time of the clock and move into a spot for another chance at goal. The ball was then passed to the Eagles’ Captain Ivana Castro who dribbled close to the goalie for a hard-kicked ball for a goal, 3-1.

The Tigers pushed forward for a shot on goal by Viviana Espino. After finding an opening, Espino looked off the goalie and set the ball into the corner of the goal, just out of reach for Lopez, 3-2. Closing out the final moments of the game, the Eagles held the Tigers off with their defense to secure their victory.

The Eagles will travel to Holtville to face off against the Vikings with hopes of advancing their 7-7-3 record Tuesday, February 4, at 6 p.m.

On the other side of the Valley, the Tigers will travel to Calexico to face off against the Bulldogs to try and improve their 10-7-4 record Tuesday, February 4, at 6 p.m.

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