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JJ Watt

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Frozen thoughts from my slowly defrosting brain, after spending almost 48 hours without electricity in the middle of the blizzard that brought down Texas. 

I am unsure how the Houston Texans can justify anything to their fans at this point. The release of JJ Watt is just the latest in a string of public-relation disasters (mostly centering around the departure of the franchise’s best players) that seems on track to ultimately end in the loss of their franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson. I get loyalty and all, but this is a team that does not deserve any support at all. 

Speaking of Watt, where do you like him? I’ve heard all kinds of rumors, but I would think he’d take a lesser contract so he could play with his brother in Pittsburgh. Those Watt guys all seem to like each other a lot  their Subway commercials prove that  so I would think he’d want to play with his brother before he can no longer play at all.

Still, if he’s not going to Pittsburgh, I think he should join the LA Rams where he and Aaron Donald could form the most ferocious defensive front line of all time.  

Before my power went out, I watched a clip of Johnny Manziel playing in the new Fan Controlled Football League. I’m not going to get into too many specifics about this bizarre attempt to cash in on America’s favorite sport during the months the NFL lays dormant, but I did find Manziel’s participation refreshing. At his best, the guy always seemed like a player in a video game, and this league seems like a video game, so here’s hoping the marriage lasts a long time and the league somehow makes it to a second season. 

I was watching a lot of hoops prior to my house’s blackout. I was especially marveling at Dallas Maverick Kristaps Porzingis and his ability to handle the ball. Did you know the guy is 7-foot, 3-inches tall? Yet, he seriously dribbles like a point guard.

Imagine Kareem Abdul-Jabbar operating outside the three-point line or trying to move the ball past a much smaller player. I love 1980’s NBA players, but that would just result in turnover after turnover. Yet another reason why I am fully committed to 21st Century professional basketball  these guys have skills players from other generations never dreamed of having. 

Let’s finish with a little baseball, because I am writing this on the day pitchers and catchers report. We can get into talking about predictions in a month or so, but I did want to note that, despite the 34-inch icicle hanging from my back porch, we are actually very close to seeing the boys of summer back on the field again.

I, for one, will be very interested to see how the Los Angeles Dodgers, who added yet another all-star to their dream team, do in defending their championship from a year ago. You’ve got to like the way that team looks, but we’re a long way from opening day, much less the playoffs. 


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