David Ortiz

Cheers and jeers

Let’s start this off with the biggest jeer of all — this one of the would-be assassins who shot baseball legend David Ortiz in his native Dominican Republic on Sunday night. I love this man Ortiz with all of my heart and the news of the shooting chilled me to the bone as I attempted to enjoy the waning moments of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Why anyone would do something so heinous to one of the great ambassadors of the game of baseball, not to mention one of the most generous citizens of the D.R. is just beyond me. I am glad Ortiz seems to be on the road to recovery, even though it looks like it will be a long road indeed.

Cheers to Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant for trying to play in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. With his team facing elimination, Durant suited up and took the court and looked pretty good, scoring eleven points in the first quarter, before he tore his Achilles and completely changed the direction of his own career. Durant could have easily sat out the game. He had a legitimate injury but he chose to play and for that, he earned my respect. It is unfortunate that in doing so he may have cost himself an entire season (next year) but the fact he played shows the type of heart he has.

Jeers to the Toronto Raptors fans for cheering Durant when he went down with the injury in the second quarter. That was a classless thing to do coming from a group of fans who are typically known for being very decent. I understand they want their team to win and the Raptors certainly have a better chance at doing just that with Durant out of the lineup. But cheering when someone gets hurt is just a bad look and the Raptors’ fans should have known better.

Cheers to the Boston Bruins for buckling down and forcing a Game 7 to decide who gets to hoist the Stanley Cup on Wednesday night. The St. Louis Blues looked to have the momentum going home with just one game to win, but Boston showed itself to be the better team in the Game 6 win. Game 7 will be exciting. It always is.

Jeers to all my friends who have gone out of their way to tell me they are rooting for St. Louis. I know it’s hard to take Boston’s sports dominance in the 21st century, but the Bruins have only won the Stanley Cup once during the past 19 years, so they aren’t really the team you should be mad at.

Finally, cheers to the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team who bludgeoned Thailand 13–0 to open their defense of the World Cup in France. Unlike the U.S. Men’s team, the women are a world power in soccer, having already won the World Cup three times since the tournament began in 1991. They are once again the favorite to bring home the trophy this year and look to be off to a fast start if the game against Thailand is any indication. I am not going to try and convince you that I follow soccer, much less women’s soccer, but I have had some great viewing experiences watching the women’s World Cup and plan to make time this year to watch the American side when they are on TV. The thing only happens once every four years, so the rareness of the spectacle should be reason enough to watch.

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