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I found myself actually watching golf this weekend. This is big news for me because I am usually not much of a golf watcher. But the fact they were playing a sport on TV on a Saturday afternoon was enough to suck me in for over an hour. To be honest, I am not even sure who won the Charles Schwab Challenge, but it was certainly good to interact with something after a morning spent cutting the grass. 

It is beginning to look like we will have to satisfy ourselves with golf and NASCAR this summer because baseball does not appear to be in any hurry to come back. Honestly, I am not sure what’s wrong with those people. And by “those people” I mean both the players and the owners. Baseball is already way down on the list of the most popular sports in the Country and now when we need them most, they continue to squabble about money. I even read an article this week that said a couple of the owners are pushing to not have a season at all. While I cannot understand their continued labor squabbles, I do know one thing — if they scrap even trying to have a 2020 season, they will suffer greatly in 2021. It is in the best interest of both sides to attempt to play games this summer. 

Remember a few weeks ago when Mike Tyson claimed he was training to make a comeback? He even posted videos to the internet showing him looking awfully fast … well, for anyone, but especially for a man his age. Well, it looks like what Tyson was teasing was a return to the wrestling ring. He showed up at All Elite Wrestling’s All-In pay per view and then was on their Dynamite program the following Wednesday. If you follow wrestling, or Tyson, then you know he has popped up occasionally in WWE over the years where, apparently, he once engaged in a feud with AEW star Chris Jericho. 

I’ve got to admit, I found this entire thing a little disappointing. Tyson is not equipped to entertain in a wrestling ring. He just does not have the charisma or microphone skills to connect with a wrestling audience. Sure, he could knock those guys out real quick, but that does not mean this was a good idea. I am still holding out hope for his suggested rematch with Evander Holyfield. Nothing like seeing too way-past-their-prime fighters settle an old score in the ring — especially with Holyfield still having one ear left for Tyson to munch on! 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released photos of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkoswki wearing the team’s ugly uniforms this week. Gronk looked really good but Brady just looked really old. Still, it was strange not seeing the two of them wearing New England Patriots gear. 

Finally, are you looking for some team sports to watch? Well, look no further than across the pond, where the Premier League returned this past weekend. The EPL has always been my go-to when I’ve wanted to watch soccer, so I am guessing I will start tuning in again. If the English football is not your cup of tea, then you’re in luck, because you have options! Germany’s Bundesliga is playing as is Spain’s La Liga. Honestly, this is about as good as it gets right now for team sports, so you can rest assured I will be watching as much as I can. That said, you’ve got to wonder what is wrong with MLB that they can’t get it together when these similarly massive soccer leagues in Europe can.



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