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The NFL is at risk of losing its first game to COVID this week. The Tennessee Titans have reported multiple cases of the virus amongst players and staff, and their game with the Pittsburgh Steelers will not happen Sunday. This news came on the heels of the revelation Notre Dame’s football team has well over 20 cases, which is why they didn’t play last weekend. Who knows if they will play their next game on October 10? It’s a delicate dance all these sports teams are performing, that’s for sure. Honestly, I am sort of surprised they’ve done as well as they have — and let’s be honest, they haven’t really done all that great.

Sad to see hockey go. Especially with the status of next season so up in the air. Tampa Bay definitely had the best team, but that didn’t mean I had to like it when they first knocked out my Boston Bruins and then vanquished my backup team, the Dallas Stars, in the finals. There is no more exciting sport to watch than hockey, in my humble opinion. I will miss it.

The action on the ice is going to be replaced by the action on the hardwood on my TV for the foreseeable future. Who do you like? Lakers? Miami? I just don’t see how anyone beats Los Angeles. LeBron and Anthony Davis are playing like the two best players in the league. That said, I have a soft spot for Jimmy Butler, so I’m probably rooting for the Heat, which does not necessarily mean I think they’ll win.

Did you catch the Texas-Texas Tech game? If not, you missed a doozy! The two teams combined to score 119 points with the Longhorns eventually pulling out the win in overtime. While this is kind of a typical result when these two teams play, I sort of wonder if the lack of preparation time is not more detrimental to the defenses than to the offenses? Take a look at the weekly college football scoreboard and you will see a lot of 50-and-60-point final scores. Of course, it is early, so maybe that could change.

However, the same is true in the NFL. Last week 15 of the league’s 32 teams scored at least 30 points, which I feel like is the professional equivalent of at least 40 points in college. I do not think this is just because of offensive schemes being better than defensive schemes either. Last year only one team, the Baltimore Ravens, scored more than 30 points per game and 10 teams scored less than 20 points per game. We’re only three games into this season, but there are currently six teams averaging over 30 points per game and six at the bottom, under 20 points. So, I am pretty sure there is something to the idea that the lack of preparation hurts the defense more than the offense.

Finally, I would be remiss to not mention the MLB playoffs. Sixteen teams are currently fighting for the baseball championship and you can pretty much watch baseball from the time you wake up until the point where you decide to go to bed. Let’s hope baseball sticks with this expanded playoff format going forward. Maybe they don’t need to include 16 teams, but more is better, as far as I’m concerned.

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