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Have you taken the opportunity to watch any of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) on ESPN? I certainly have! In fact, I jumped all over the opportunity as soon as their season started, and ESPN announced they would start broadcasting games. Honestly, they play a pretty solid brand of baseball and there are plenty of former MLB players, some even with recognizable names. Former Houston Astro Preston Tucker, Philadelphia Phillie Darin Ruf and Dan Straily (who pitched for six different teams and was once a member of one of my fantasy teams) were just a few of the guys I recognized while perusing KBO rosters earlier this week.

In addition to the players, San Francisco Giant/Arizona Diamondback Matt Williams manages in the league and Julio Franco is a hitting coach. I am not going to try and sell you on it being a perfect replacement for Major League Baseball, the time difference alone is big detracting factor, but it’s baseball and it’s happening and right now I feel like we, as sports fans, can’t be all that picky.

Which brings me around to Germany’s Bundesliga, which is supposedly going to be back up and running by the middle of the month. Now I am not really much of a soccer fan, but this would be the biggest professional league playing, if they actually start - which just might turn me into a soccer fan. 

It seems like it will be a while before we get any of our sports leagues back and, I will not lie, the absence gets harder with each passing day - especially when I consider I should be watching the NHL playoffs, which is my favorite of the yearly sports tournaments. I have found myself watching a lot of the classic games on ESPN when I have the time. The 1984 Orange Bowl was on last weekend and I really enjoyed watching it. I think this might be due to the fact I could not remember who won. Also, Turner Gill running the option was a thing of beauty. This led me to the conclusion that if someone would just broadcast every 2019 game of some team I never pay any attention to, I would probably watch each night. 

I didn’t really get the Dallas Cowboys signing Andy Dalton. They already have Dak Prescott, why waste money on another starting quarterback? What really puzzles me is the fact the New England Patriots apparently did nothing to try and bring him in to replace Tom Brady. It seemed like a win-win situation for both parties. New England would get a veteran signal-caller, who is a three-time Pro Bowler and Dalton would’ve gotten the chance to play for the best NFL team of this century.

If he couldn’t succeed in New England, then you could probably say he could not succeed anywhere. Instead he took the opportunity to back up Prescott in Dallas for a season after which I suppose he’ll reassess his life and proceed in whatever direction he deems appropriate. As for the Patriots, it seems increasingly likely they really will play the 2020 season with either Jarrett Stidham or maybe Brian Hoyer under center. 

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