So much for dreams 

The dream is over. It died a pretty boring death in Atlanta on Sunday. What dream is that? you may ask. Well, it was my dream of seeing a team I root for actually win the Super Bowl. It was a dream I’ve had my entire life and one that has never been realized. I honestly thought this would be the year. Heck, my baseball team won the World Series, why couldn’t my football team win the Super Bowl? Alas, it was not to be, and despite the success of my favorite baseball team, I spent most of Sunday evening thinking “good things don’t happen to Chris.” 

I don’t know what to say about the awful showing the Los Angeles Rams’ offense turned in during the big game on Sunday. I felt like they should have thrown the ball down the field more. I felt like they should have gotten Robert Woods the ball more. I felt like maybe they shouldn’t have played Todd Gurley at all, because I believe he is still hurt. He was a dominant player all season, right up until he suffered that injury at the end of the regular season. Then, when he came back for the playoffs, suddenly he wasn’t getting all the touches and he looked like a shell of his former self. I have no idea why nothing has surfaced about him still being hurt. But if he is not, then the Rams have a lot of problems heading into the 2019 season, because he is the focal point of their offense. 

I do know what to say about the Rams’ defense. They played a wonderful game. They held Tom Brady and company to one touchdown and a couple field goals. If you are a Patriots fan then you are probably going to tell me that New England’s defense was even better, but I would disagree. I think the Patriots’ defense played a great game. But I think Sean McVay’s game plan against Bill Belichick and company is what hamstrung the Rams’ offense more than simply New England getting the better of them on the defensive side of the ball. I truly think if they’d just have opened things up more they could have taken advantage of some of their downfield speed and scored at least a couple of times. 

I cannot say the same for the Patriots. Despite all his histrionics, Tom Brady did not win this game. He made a couple passes when he had to, otherwise, he looked just as bad as Jared Goff. I fully expect Brady to have the worst season of his career next year and then finally retire. He is not super-human, no matter how weird his diet. I take some comfort in that. Because I don’t like Tom Brady. 

 But that comfort is fleeting because Tom Brady was never really a part of my dream. My dream was to see an NFL team I root for win the Super Bowl, just one time. It did not happen this year. I am 0-48. Well, not really. I wasn’t actually paying attention for the first decade of my life. So, let’s say I am 0-38. I am lucky to have seen my baseball team win the World Series all four times. My hockey team has won the Stanley Cup twice and my favorite college basketball team once won the national title … way back in 1989. But that’s it for me. Watching sports can be a wonderful thing because it connects you to a larger world where you are part of something bigger than yourself. But, as you can probably tell if you add up the number of times I’ve actually seen my favorite team win it all, it can also be a humbling thing. Because, usually, your team falls short in the end and you are forced to live with the fact most dreams never come true.

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