Tiger Woods Masters Win

The return of the king

I know I don’t talk a lot about golf in this column and maybe that’s an oversight on my part. Thus, I am going to change all that right now, because there is no way I could drop the weekly column without mentioning the fact that Tiger Woods won the Masters last weekend. It was his first major championship in 11 years. The last time he donned the green jacket given to the winner of the Masters was 2005. The former greatest golfer in the world had been little more than an afterthought in the golfing world in the past decade, but last Sunday all that changed. Tiger rallied to defeat three other golfers by one stroke and capture his 15th major title. In doing so, he pushed himself back to the forefront of the sporting world as once more everyone was talking about him, which is why he is leading off this week’s column. 

Here’s the thing, I’ve never liked Tiger Woods. He is way too arrogant for my taste. I like scrappy underdogs. I don’t like guys who act like they’re the best thing ever (because, honestly, they’re not). Tiger, Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, Tom Brady, even Michael Jordan, all those guys have always rubbed me the wrong way, so I was perfectly fine with the fact Tiger’s run as golf’s big dog seemed to be over. But now that he’s back on top, I have to admit my feelings toward him have softened a little. After all, he’s an old guy now (kind of like yours truly) and old guys have to stick together. After a decade of turmoil, he does not seem as smug which means I can appreciate his accomplishments a little more. I do not think that winning the Masters means Tiger is the top guy in golf once again. It was a nice moment, but he’s too old and his body is too broken for him to dominate the sport like he once did. But he’ll always have this moment, as will his fans, who got the chance to remember the way things used to be last weekend, at least one more time. 

Did you happen to notice the big deal the NFL made of the release of its 2019 schedule? They actually put out teasers earlier in the month letting everyone know that the schedule would be released Wednesday night. Then, as we got closer to the time of the scheduled release, they started to leak key games, just to give fans a little taste of what they might expect when the full schedule was revealed. It was all so slickly produced and promoted that I began to feel like it might rival the release of the Mueller Report. They were seriously giving it that much gravitas. 

Because I find the whole exercise ridiculous (it’s just a schedule!) I am not going to get into the actual schedule here. You can do that on your own. I did want to mention though, that no league does as good a job keeping itself in the public consciousness as the National Football League. There truly is no downtime from the NFL anymore. It is never gone long from the conversation. The NFL is now a year-long league which neither MLB nor the NBA can claim. I suppose this is what happens when you take your place as the country’s favorite sport — people simply want football in their lives all year long and the NFL is happy to oblige. I am sure we will get even more coverage as the draft draws closer and then we’ll have rookie camps to look forward to before we can finally get to the excitement of training camp! Just think friends, it’s April, but the season feels like it’s right around the corner and if that is comforting to you, just know that’s exactly the way the League likes it.

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