EL CENTRO — With school starting soon in the Imperial Valley, Southwest High School varsity football team started their hell week August 5 to prepare for the upcoming season. 

Last year, the Eagles finished their season with a 4–6 record, putting them in fourth place for league standing in 2018. 

After suffering last season, the Eagles sought out new head coach John Haines, and the team is looking to improve their record with him. 

“Heading into the upcoming season, we will look to build a bond that will transcend on the field so we can accomplish our goal of having a winning season for Southwest High School,” said Haines. 

The first game of the season for the Eagles will be August 23, where they will travel to West Hills High School to face off against the Wolfpack. Last season, the Eagles opened up their season with the Wolfpack, where they suffered a loss, 20–3. 

However, last season also had some highlights; the Eagles won two league matches against the Calexico Bulldogs and Palo Verde Yellowjackets. Their first league win was against the Yellowjackets on September 28, 2018. The Eagles secured their victory, 41–21. Their next league win was against the Bulldogs on October 26, 2018. The Eagles won with a score of 18–9. 

The Eagles with continue their practice within the first week of school to prepare for their upcoming road game, and to bounce back from the loss of last season’s opener.

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