SvG sign to Mkendree

Savannah Gomez

BRAWLEY —  Lady Wildcat Savannah Gomez committed to McKendree University before her friends, family, and peers Thursday, March 2 at the new gymnasium in Brawley.    

BUHS Athletics Director Billy Brewer spoke first, addressing the eventgoers.

“Today we are celebrating Savannah Gomez,” said Brewer. “One of the greatest female athletes to ever enter Brawley Union High School. We’re excited about Savannah. Now she’s got some great opportunities beyond school at the college level.  Which is the most important thing to be getting her education and getting it paid for.  These are things we should all strive for.” 

Brewer then thanked family, school board, and administration.

BUHS Coach Victor Martinez was the next speaker. 

“At a young age, she was very good at Jiu-Jitsu but she struggled with wrestling at first,” said Martinez. “She didn’t have many girl opponents. She wrestled a lot of boys.  It was tough for her with a lot of tears.”

Martinez highlighted Savannah’s family impact. 

“Her and her family’s mentality was to keep fighting,” said Martinez. “In a couple of years, she was beating most of the boys and that resiliency has followed her from then until now.”

CIF coach of the year Ray Leon spoke next and thanked school board, counselors, teachers, and donors.

“She is an incredible athlete and so talented,” said Martinez. “Not only is she a great athlete but she’s a scholar athlete.”

According to organizers, Savannah is Brawley’s first state champion (2022 137lb CIF State winner), first Super-32 Champion, and first Fargo Champion. 

“She finished her high school record with 108 wins and 2 losses,” said Martinez. 

According to BUHS athletics, Savannah could not finish the season this year due to injury but was still undefeated at 19-0.

Brewer closed with a message to student body. 

“Keep your dreams alive and keep pushing,” said Brewer. 

Gomez herself spoke last before the conclusion of the ceremony. 

“I’m very thankful for wrestling,” said Gomez. “Wrestling has done so much for me. It taught me lessons that I never thought I could do and helped me overcome obstacles that I never could beat.”

Savannah ended her speech with some words regarding her own perseverance. 

“I would get my butt kicked by these boys and it wasn’t easy,” said Gomez. “I’d have my own bench that I would go and cry to. Years later I found myself able that I could do it. So, I went back to that bench and said you're not gonna take my tears no more.  Ever since then, I won my first title as a little girl and second place against the boys. And, that’s where it all started.” 

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