2019 NAGA Navarro

Marcos Andrew Navarro wins gold at the 2019 NAGA jiu-jitsu tournament in Duncanville, Texas. 

IMPERIAL — Marcos Andrew Navarro, of God's Gladiators Martial team, won Gold at the 2019 World Jiu-Jitsu Championships for the North American Grappling Association Sunday, December 8, and became a three-time World Champion at the Duncanville Fieldhouse sports center in Texas.

"I would like to say I couldn't have done it without God — that said all glory to God," said Navarro.  “I recall in the final match, I thought when I was tired and felt my body couldn't push it anymore, the thought of me going back to the Imperial Valley and telling my son, Derek Andrew, that I got second in the World Championships. So that made push it to another level till time expired when the referee raised my hand, I felt blessed.”

"I'm very proud of Fanny "Mae" whom was my training partner and Ruben Hurtado of Calipatria.”

Fanny and Ruben are part of God’s Gladiators who, according to coaches, is winning across the United states of America.

“I believe a well-balanced team is the key to our success. We’re not only balanced physically, but mentally and have the right attitude to competing at a high level in martial arts,” said Navarro.  “This third World Championship means so much to me because I have proven to myself that I'm ready to fight the World’s Best fighters.”

Navarro is a black belt in taekwondo and has trained in Muay-Thai for over 10 years.

“I recall kneeing down and telling my son that I was gonna fight the world’s best martial artist so he can have a prosperous life as a toddler,” said Navarro. “This time was for my son Derek Andrew Johnston Navarro.”

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