Gato Hunterz

BRAWLEY — American Legion Brawley Post 60 and Gato Hunterz are teaming up to host the inaugural Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Suicide Awareness Fishing Derby this upcoming weekend — November 20 through November 22.

Gato Hunterz is a United States Marine Corps Veteran-owned fishing group affiliated with American Legion Brawley Post 60.

The fishing derby will consist of two divisions — the adults' division is 16 years and up, while the kids' division is 15 and below. Prizes will be awarded to those who catch the biggest flathead catfish, channel catfish, and bass, including stripers.

To participate, individuals must join the Gato Hunterz Facebook group to go live and share their catch. When sharing their catch, participants must include the date and time and weigh the catch.

Participants unable to go live, or who do not have access to Facebook, can record the weight with a scale or bring in their catch for official weight.

The group is sharing updates through its Facebook page, including additional information about prizes, registration, and weight recording.

The group’s goal, according to its Facebook page, is to spread awareness of PTSD and suicide. The group aims to help fellow Veterans and struggling civilians by introducing them to fishing and getting individuals active and outside, away from home.

“We are a fishing group trying to spread awareness of PTSD and suicide,” according to Gato Hunterz Facebook.

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