12U & 15U champ

 Xamian ‘X-man’ Muñoz-Salazar

OLATHE, KANSAS — Brawley-based wrestling prodigy, Xamian ‘X-man’ Muñoz-Salazar, added a hat-rack to his trophy case after taking two first place individual championships and a runner-up dual meet placement at the Supreme Showdown in Olathe Kansas, put on by Supreme Singlets, Valentine’s Day weekend.  

Muñoz-Salazar participated as part of The Supreme Team, which is an exclusive national all-star club composed of young standout wrestlers across the Country.

“The first battle we had was the cold weather,” said coach and father Jose Salazar Jr. “When we got off the plane it was 1 degree, plus wind chill.”

As per Salazar, Friday, February 12, was strictly for weigh-ins and event formality briefing. The dual team even commenced the following day.

Muñoz-Salazar represented the 70-pound slot for The Supreme Team’s 12U dual team category.

Dual competitions are when one team is on one side and a different team is on the other, then wrestlers are called up individually to face off by weight class. Ten teams in total were included in the two-dual meet pools. 

“As a team, we fell short in our second dual but managed to battle back to the final where we lost a heartbreaker by a total of three points,” said Salazar. “We gave up six points by a walk over (unfilled weight class).”

The Supreme Team ended up in second place at the conclusion of the duels portion with the help of Muñoz-Salazar’s four wins and two-loss performance in day one: (6-2) decision over Cooper Smith, defeated by Jordan Bell, (6-0) decision over Austin Brown (The Missouri Avengers), defeated by Austin Brown, pin over Bryce Lee (Midwest Monsters), and (12-3) decision over Jeremy Carver.   

The individual competitions took place Sunday, February 14, where Muñoz-Salazar was registered for the 12U 70.9-pound division and 15U 70.9-pound division.

Muñoz-Salazar drew a bye in the first round of the 12U tournament and swept through his weight class in the finals while only conceding 1 point in the entire bracket: (8-0) decision over Jeremy Carver, (11-1) decision over Ryder Harrison, and (7-0) decision over Dylan Ota.

Muñoz-Salazar also shredded the 15U 70-pound table with two finals pins over two Little League Wrestling team members (names not listed).  

Not including the 15U dual matches, Muñoz-Salazar went 10-2 on the weekend and brought home two championship victories and a 12U dual team runner up. 

“It was a tough tournament and a good experience for the future,” said Muñoz-Salazar. “I trained a lot to get ready for this tournament. My favorite moment was when I won my last match because it was all over and I could finally relax.”

Instead of a trophy or belt, Supreme Singlets provided first place winners with cowboy hats.  

“I was very proud of him, not so much for the placement but more so because of his mental toughness and drive to push through exhaustion and the extremely cold conditions,” said Salazar. “I’m excited to see what the future brings. All these experiences are just preparation for high school and beyond.”

According to Muñoz-Salazar, there is another duals and individuals competition around the corner.

“You can’t cheat the grind,” said Salazar. “We were there on the mats from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. (on Saturday). If you didn’t put in the work, it’s going to come out in the match. It’s never going to get easy, so you gotta’ keep working and you gotta keep grinding.”

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