Softball Brawley vs Central

The Wildcats' pitcher Marissa Pena (23) holds Spartans to one run to assist her team in a 10-1 victory. 

EL CENTRO — The Central Spartans girls softball team hosted the Brawley Wildcats Friday, April 30, for a matchup that resulted in a 10-1 victory for the Wildcats.

The Wildcats’ record advanced to 8-8 with a 4-2 league record that puts the Wildcats in third place for the Imperial Valley. The Spartans fell to 5-5 with a 4-2 league record, placing them just under the Wildcats, with a fourth place standing in the Imperial Valley.

Opening the first inning of play, the visiting Wildcats grabbed their bats for their first appearances at the plate. Leading off for the Wildcats was centerfield Mikalyn Emanuelli, who doubled to left field. After getting one out, the Wildcats connected at the plate with a single to the outfield by Caryn Aguilar for an RBI, 1-0. However, the Spartans’ pitcher Ariana Sanchez helped her team out of the inning, sending the game into the bottom half of the first. Moving through the bottom half of the inning, the Spartans answered back with hits by Abigail Galindo, Karmyna Becerra, and Maile Padilla for one run of their own, 1-1.

The Wildcats resumed the action in the top of the second inning. After singling out for the first at bat of the inning, the Wildcats’ Kamryn Rodriguez and Caryzma Aguilar hit for singles to put two runners on. With two outs, the Wildcats’ Tamara Carranza connected with the ball for a two-run RBI triple, 3-1. The Spartans got out of the inning on the next batter to close out the top of the second.

The Wildcats’ pitcher Marissa Pena closed out the inning, holding the Spartans to one run.

Heading into the top of the third inning, the Wildcats pushed one more run across the plate with an RBI single by Pena to assist her team on both sides of field, 4-1.

The score remained stagnant until the top of the sixth inning with a six-run rally by the Wildcats, advancing their lead to nine, 10-1.

With no further action, the Wildcats obtained their second win over the Spartans for the season. Moving forward, the Wildcats will travel to Calipatria to face off against the Calipatria Hornets on May 4, while the Spartans will remain home to host the Imperial Tigers on May 4 as well.  

“We had good pitching tonight by Marissa Pena and we were able to utilize our bats to remain competitive throughout the game,” said Head Coach Kevin Kerns, “and moving forward we will continue to try and be aggressive at the plate and make the big plays out on the field.”

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