Medina Waldorf

File photo: Jonathan Medina during the 2019 season. 

EL CENTRO — Central Spartan sensation, Jonathan Medina, recently committed to attend Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa for fall football where the CUHS grad will have a chance to test his skills at the next level.

 “It was a last-minute recruitment of sorts,” said Medina. “They originally contacted me in late April and early May. They officially made the offer in the first week of May.”

Medina made the decision to commit to Waldorf May 21.

“It’s looking like I’m probably going to go out for linebacker or defensive back because the coach I have been communicating with is the defensive backs coach,” said Medina. “I have not visited the campus but when it’s time to go, it’s time to go — so I will have to like whether I want to or not.”

As per Medina, Coach Pena sent Medina’s tapes to Waldorf where he had previous connections from playing at Mayville State.

“Since I wasn’t getting too many looks deep my senior year, I figured that not many schools would offer and that maybe a JUCO (junior college) was going to be the next route,” said Medina. “To be honest, I was already preparing to attend a junior college when Waldorf coaching staff started talking to me and let me know they were going to make the offer to attend.”

Medina elaborated on his flexibility.

“My performances on the field were never for me as an individual but for the team as a whole,” said Medina. “I always told coach to put me wherever he needed me on either side of the ball to put us in the best position to win. I tried my best to do my job in whatever game it was in any position that coach needed me and just let numbers speak for themselves.”

According to Medina, juggling a short school year, starting a new job, and complying with COVID-19 lockdown guidelines, he’s still been able to work out daily.

“It’s fun and all to have time off but life comes at you fast,” said Medina. “Just like how school got cut short, obviously the next step would be college or going straight to work so I decided I was going to attack life before life decided to get at me.”

Medina said his biggest motivation is his mother.

“Watching the struggle that my mother has always gone through raising me and my two other brothers,” said Medina. “She raised us on her own for the past 17-18 years of my life and it hasn’t been easy for her. I’ve always wanted to make her proud but also make a life where I can be comfortable living my life and yet still help her in the end.”

According to Medina, his ultimate goal is to get there and be able to take a starting job from the second he steps on campus.

“I don’t want to have to impress coaches for two to three weeks into spring ball then try to take a starting job at that point,” said Medina. “I want to get there the first day and show them that I’m there for a reason, not just to be a backup. There is nothing wrong with being a backup, but I’ve always fought for a starting spot and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.”

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