Imperial 8U All-Stars

MICHAEL GRAHAM swings for a short infield hit, resulting in a single in the fifth inning. 

IMPERIAL With the summer months in full swing, District 22 Little League began their 8U All-Star Division Tournament June 11, where teams from all over the Imperial Valley will compete for the title of the best baseball team.

The teams that are competing in the tournament are Brawley, Imperial, Calexico, Heber, Sunbeam, El Centro, and Holtville.

On opening day, Holtville faced off against El Centro. The El Centro All-Star team is made up of Jayden Faudoa, Gabrial Porras, Drew Robles, Mylo Robles, Melky Marquez, Ivan Martinez, Martin Perez, Andrew Gutierez, Fernando Beltran, Luis Sandoval, Kahered Paez, and Christopher Valenzuela. The ball game ended with the eight and under (8U) El Centro players defeating Holtville in the first game of the tournament. El Centro then played against Heber, resulting in El Centro's second victory and a spot in the quarter-finals.

Brawley and Sunbeam also faced off on opening day. Sunbeam pulled through and defeated the Brawley All-Stars. The last game for opening day was between the Imperial All-Stars and Calexico. Imperial was the host for the match-up that ended with a towering defeat by Calexico. After suffering this loss, Imperial dropped down to face off against Brawley, while Calexico advanced to play Sunbeam.

The next game played in the tournament was Wednesday, June 12, when the Imperial All-Stars hosted Brawley for the first elimination game. The Imperial All-Star Team consisted of Cruz Alacron, Lukas Becerra, Diego Fierro, Michael Graham, Matthew Hall, Joseph Hunt, Alexander Islas, Jack Marini, Tatum Ruiz, Joseph Sandoval, Richie Trujillo, and Kaj Vindiola. The Brawley All-Star Team consisted of Rayden Abitan, Ryan Bracamonte, Chase Casarez, Julian Castillo, Elva Cisneros, Levi Leavitt, Jeremiah Lofton, Robby Mapes, Isaiah Ocano, Adrian Parga, Carson Riley, and Dylan Sandoval.

After a six-inning struggle from Brawley, the Imperial All-Stars took the win, 8–5.

The next game for the Imperial All-Stars was against Sunbeam. After a hard-fought battle, Imperial suffered their second loss of the tournament to end their run. The date for Sunbeam to face off against Heber is TBA.

The teams that are left in the tournament as of Monday, June 17, are Sunbeam, Heber, and Calexico. Sunbeam will play Heber to see who will challenge Calexico in the champion game.

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El Centro 8u All Stars is in the Championship game.. They are waiting for the winner of the Calexico-Sunbeam game played tonight in Sunbeam 7pm. El Centro will host District 22 8u Championship game tomorrow 7pm..

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