Holtville High School Kalli Strahm

Holtville High School Kalli Strahm

HOLTVILLE – Being a student-athlete, takes time management skills if one wants to dominate in both the classroom and the field. Just like junior academic student-athlete, Vikings’ own Kalli Strahm. Strahm is a tri-athlete currently in season for Holtville High School’s softball team. Strahm also competes in basketball and volleyball.

She is fierce in the classroom as she tackles Advanced Placement (AP) U.S History, AP English, and science honors. For Strahm, being a student-athlete has its moments.

"It’s definitely hard, a lot of late nights especially taking AP classes. There are times when I stay up until midnight doing homework," Strahm shared.

After school, she joins her team for hard-hitting practice which starts with stretching, running, throwing, and warming up muscles, legs, and arms. Afterward are more specific skills, such as populating the infield, outfield, and batting. 

The coach’s main goal during practices is to make sure the players get a full game spectrum.

As a starting pitcher, Strahm needs extra practice. As her teammates turn in equipment, the junior works on her throwing and pitching mechanics. At a Viking softball game, there is little doubt that Kalli Strahm’s pitching is in her control.

Strahm explained how she and her team are focused, yet all have fun. The team is close, she said, and they have fun while playing even in the low moments. They come together to make the best of any situation. 

As busy as Strahm is, she manages to squeeze in family time. She said in the interview, that she wanted her parents to know that all the time they spent traveling to tournaments with her will pay off. 

She is also grateful to play the sport they love with a sibling. Strahm explained that her sister, Brooke Strahm, is the best because she plays with someone she is very comfortable with and trusts at all times. 

The goals for the Holtville Vikings are to repeat last year’s accomplishment in CIF and add an IVL championship to it. Holtville is currently in first place with a 3-1 league record.

Strahm’s message to athletes is to "work hard, nothing is given to you. You have to earn everything you want."

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