1970 Babe Ruth League World Series Champions

Members of the 1970 Babe Ruth League World Series championship team are pictured with hostesses from Brawley, Califoria, where the series was played. Pictured at rear are Gregory Rafalski (left), Donald Henley, Sam Holzhammer, Alfred DeBlasio, Frederick (Fritz) Sickles, coach Carl Gray, manager Joe Sgro, coach Reginald Bentivogli, Frank Krezniacki, Wayne Krenchicki, Ronald Henley, Mark and Bombara. At front are Steven Pageau (left), Salvatore Cacciabaudo, Michael Cammarata, Gerald Festa, Gerard Goeke and Frank Cipullo.

Fifty years ago this month, a group of teenage boys from Ewing Township accomplished a feat that has remained unmatched in township athletic history. Against all odds, the township’s team won the Babe Ruth League’s 1970 World Series.

The Ewing team arrived in Brawley, California, as a significant underdog—facing teams from around the country that came from much larger programs.

In its first game, the Ewing team defeated Brawley earning the ire of the home team’s fans for the rest of the tournament.

After that, fans showed up to the field armed with signs against Ewing and to actively root against them.

The players on the team were Mark Bombara, Salvatore Cacciabaudo, Michael Cammarata, Frank Cipullo, Alfred DeBlasio, Gerald Festa, Gerard Goeke, Donald Henley, Ronald Henley, Sam Holzhammer, Wayne Krenchicki, Frank Krezniacki, Steven Pageau, Gregory Rafalski and Fred Sickles, who was named MVP.

In the World Series, the team went 7-1, losing only its third game against Mount Healthy, Ohio, 6-4. Ewing won games against: Brawley, California, 5-0; Honolulu, Hawaii, 2-0; Nashville, Tennessee, 4-1; Darien, Connecticut, 3-2; and Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 4-2.

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