Holtville girls cross country 2021

SEELEY — The first high school athletic event since the prep-sports pandemic lockdown featured a six-team dual meet cross country event at Sunbeam Lake in Seeley Saturday, February 20, when Calexico faced Brawley, Southwest took on Central, and Holtville squared off with Palo Verde. 

Normally, there is a cluster meet format where all teams run together in one race. 

“Cluster meets make it easier to get a feeling of where we stand (in comparison to the other schools),” said Central boys cross country Coach Pete Salcedo. “But now due to coronavirus, we have dual meets.”

As per coaches, masks and temperature checks have been required at practice. The student athletes must wear masks when they warm up and stretch out at practice and must remain at least six feet apart. 

“Once they start running at practice, they can take the masks off,” said Salcedo. “During race events, the masks are optional. The masks do make it difficult because this is a high endurance event and breathing is crucial.” 

Coaches also informed how every school is different as far as travel arrangements. 

“For Central, we are required to travel as a team,” said Salcedo. 

According to coaches, temperature checks are required before boarding the bus and also post-race before getting back on the bus to depart. Masks are required at all times on the bus and student athletes must sit one seat apart. 

“Our bus can accommodate 16 runners so we can only take 16 to a race,” said Salcedo. “Besides being locked down from the school itself, they (student athletes) just need to get outside and do something productive and healthy. Mostly, we are glad that all of the preseason training wasn’t wasted time.”     

Calexico beat Brawley in the boys and girls races of the morning's opening event. Then, Central boys defeated Southwest, and the Lady Spartans surpassed the SHS girls unit. Holtville won, both, boys and girls races in the final event of the day versus Palo Verde.

“I am cautiously excited about being out here today and running again,” said Holtville High School head cross country Coach Gerardo Lara. “As I’ve seen these kids train over the last month and a half, it’s been very encouraging by the way these young athletes are handling the adjustments we’ve had to make in terms of training and racing. The arrangements that our athletics directors, the park, and others in the Valley have made to make this meet possible are a tremendous asset to local athletics in a very safe and competitive environment. This pandemic has proven to us that kids need a physical outlet to be 100 percent healthy.” 



(C) Federico Felix 17:40.67 

(C) Daniel Pinela 18:20.48

(C) Ricardo Campos 18:22.8

(B) Joseph Taylor 18:48.53

(B) Dominic Kirkpatrick 19:33.81

(C) Jesse Hernandez 19:56.53

(C) Damian Torres 20:02.46

(C) Luis Jimenez 20:24.97 

(C) Jacobo De Santiago 21:23.71

(C) Esteban Esquer 22:16.38 

(C) Carlos Hernandez 23:36.23

(C) Marco Esquer 23:38.5


(B) Jaasiel Contreras 20:49.7

(C) Briana Gallegos 22:02.2

(B) Julitza Alvarez 22:06.1

(C) Madison Longton 23:05.51

(C) Andrea Garcia 23:07.92

(C) Nayeli Cano 23:09.7

(B) Lilandra Padilla 23:57.98

(C) Sarha Ojeda 28:09.26

(C) Rebeca Gonzales 29:19.29


BOYS 22-34

(C) Michael Zuniga 17:42.57

(C) Pedro Carrion 18:07.09

(SW) Steven Gomez 19:00.53

(C) Edgar Mendez 19:22.02

(SW) Miguel Ramirez 20:31.63

(C) Daniel Zavala 20:33.29

(SW) Mason Rogers 20:59.03

(SW) Brandon Villasenor 21:20.77

(C) Hector Lopez 23:52.3 

(C) William Right 23:53.26

(SW) Grant Becker 24:45.76

(C) Francisco Vargas 26:44.93

(SW) Matthew Herrera 27:08.27

GIRLS 34-21

(C) Clarissa Gonzales 23:02.57

(SW) Geneva Garcia 25:01.07

(C) Kayla Mesa 25:45.71

(C) Leslie Linarez 26:06.19

(SW) Julissa Vizcarra 26:16.26

(SW) Lucy Contreras 26:44.83

(C) Jocelyn Olague 27:28.21

(SW) Adalie Espinoza 28:38.8

(C) Myla Mora 31:06.74

(SW) Elizabeth Hernandez 33:11.27


BOYS 25-30

(H) Alan Jimenez 16:18.51

(H) Javier Hurtado 21:33.1

(PV) Jarred Randall 21:39.59

(PV) Rio Albanez 21:52.71

(H) Diego Rios 22:09.98

(PV) Jared Hull 24:12.04

(H) Gannon Strahm 24:16.31

(PV) Madden Dowling 27:31.3

(H) Athan Escamilla 37:47.0

(PV) Cade Alaniz 24:35.21

GIRLS 20-35

(H) Lillian Strahm 22:51.34

(H) Amanda Strahm 24:20.03

(PV) Savanah Hedge 27:16.8

(H) Lesley Sandoval 27:38.94

(PV) Jacqueline Sanchez 28:13.93

(H) Danytza Sandoval 30:01.25

(H) Melissa Torres 30:22.56 

(PV) Jasmine Vasquez 30:59.39

(PV) Jorgensen Heidi 32:47.53

(PV) Summer Hedge 33:23.13

(PV) Kiarra Higginson 33:35.91

(PV) Ellen Rodriguez 35:11.51

(PV) Vivian Salazar 35:54.01

(H) Mariel Estrada 39:31.3

(PV) Kaylee Green 44:27.00

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