Holtville 2021 cross country

Holtville girls cross country blazes through Brawley.

SEELEY — Imperial Valley League cross country held two events last week at Sunbeam Lake in Seeley where the duel-meet style races continued for the student athletes.

The first match of the week took place Tuesday, March 2, where the Southwest boys defeated Holtville boys 15-0, Southwest girls beat Holtville girls 19-36, Calexico boys outran Imperial boys 23-32, and IHS girls triumphed over Calexico 28-29.

Imperial swept Southwest in, in the second meet of the week in both, boys and girls, events 22-35/23-35, Holtville walked over Brawley 15-0/15-0, and Calexico defeated Palo Verde in the boys and girls races 19-37/15-42.   



SW 35

(IM) Victor Paniagua 18:00.56

(IM) Aidan Vargas 18:08.61

(SW) Steven Gomez 18:16

(SW) Miguel Ramirez 18:38.2 

(IM) Axel Abrica 20:46.65

(IM) Jorge Manzano 21:11.44

(SW) Benicio Cabanit 21:27.04

(IM) Noel Rodriguez 21:31.54

(SW) Mason Rogers 22:30.63

(IM) Diego Macias 22:37.11

(IM) Anthony Robbins 22:57.31

(IM) Israel Vargas 23:01.27

(SW) Grant Bercker 23:46.01

(SW) Matthew Angulo 23:53.28

(IM) David Bojoquez 25:56.55

(SW) Matthew Herrera 26:33.41

(SW) Elijah Coenejo 29:31.11


IMP 23 

SW 35

(IM) Natalie Lopez 21:37.14

(SW) Sidney Garcia 23:02.49

(IM) Angelique Graham 23:18.72

(IM) Amalia Cardona 24:57.51

(SW) Geneva Garcia 24:59.66

(SW) Julissa Vizcarra 25:07.82

(IM) Elyssa Martinez 25:13.69

(IM) Arley Ortega 25:50.26

(IM) Emily Singh 25:54.3

(SW) Adalie Espinoza 26:13.06

(IM) Fernanda Chavez 26:50.02

(IM) Jazmine Wilson 27:42.63

(IM) Bianca Zarate 29:05.68

(SW) Elizabeth Hernandez 32:34.11


HOL 15

BRL 0 

(HOL) Alan Jimenez 15:42.9

(BRL) Joseph Taylor 19:06.65

(BRL) Dominic Kirkpatrick 20:17.65

(HOL) Javier Hurtado 22:56.54

(BRL) Ernesto Rosales 24:14.05

(HOL) Gannon Strahm 25:55.55

(HOL) David Magallon 27:15.71

(HOL) Francisco Hernandez 39:58.23


HOL 15


(BRL) Jaasiel Contreras 20:30.71

(HOL) Lillian Strahm 21:32.1

(BRL) Julitza Alvarez 21:49.11

(BRL) Lilandra Padilla 24:34.01

(HOL) Dian Acuna 27:41.03

(HOL) Danytza Sandoval 27:55.45 

(HOL) Melissa Torres 27:58.43

(BRL) Camila Alverez 33:16.03

(HOL) Mariel Estrada 35:56.55

(HOL) Ashley Iniguez 36:07.96


PV 42

CLX 15

(CL) Federico Felix 19:15.07

(CL) Daniela Pinela 19:15.41

(CL) Damian Torres 20:40.08

(CL) Luis Jimenez 20:55.05

(CL) Jacob De Santiago 21:18.77

(PV) Jarred Randall 21:40.04

(PV) Cade Alaniz 22:51.34

(PV) Jared Hull 23:27.17

(PV) Gabriel Dagnino 23:52.66

(CL) Angela Chaavez 24:07.56

(CL) Abraham Aguirre 24:20.39

(PV) Rio Albanez 27:11.54

(CL) Richard Luna 28:56.63


CLX 19

PV 37

(CL) Briana Gallegos 22:37.01

(CL) Madison Longton 22:55.32

(CL) Andrea Garcia 23:17.36

(CL) Nayeli Cano 24:58.27

(PV) Savanah Hedge 27:18.74

(PV) Jasmine Vasquez 27:59.7

(PV) Jacqueline Sanchez 28:02.41

(PV) Lizette Hernandez 29:00.58

(CL) Rebeca Gonzales 29:29.95

(CL) Sarha Ojeda 29:35.91

(PV) Simmer Hedge 31:34.46

(PV) Kiarra Higginson 31:49.31

(PV) Jorgensen Heidi 32:28.93

(PV) Ellen Rodriguez 33:31.16

(PV) Vivian Salazar 34:14.96

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