Junior Trout Fishing Derby

File photo: Padilla siblings Emiliano, 6, and Julian Padilla, 2, show their fish catch of the day Saturday morning, January 18, at the 25th Imperial Valley Junior Trout Fishing Derby at Sunbeam Lake in Seeley. 

CALEXICO — The CB Stop, located on Cole Rd. and Bowker Rd., announced their 2020 Fishing Derby that will take place Friday, September 25 through Sunday, September 27.  

“This fishing derby was originally organized a few years back in 2011,” said Store Manager Frania Lopez. “We’ve been trying to do it every year because fishing is very popular in this area. We try to give back to our loyal customers with this fishing derby.” 

The derby, which is exclusively for catfish, will have two categories: Kids 15 and under — with no license required — and adults. The tournament is completely free, and no entry fee is required. 

“In the future, we may create a tournament for other fish such as bass or carp,” said Lopez. 

Midnight on Friday, September 25, contestants must go to the store and register with their name and phone number. 

Throughout the day anglers will be required to go to the store with catfish to be weighed, logged, and photographed.       

“We try to call every participant so they can at least get a souvenir out of it also,” said Lopez.

Participants are allowed to use all waterways in Imperial Valley, including lakes and canals.

“Anytime throughout the day or night, contestants can come and log catfish with a store associate,” said Lopez. 

Lopez said staff members will have a camera and weight on hand.    

Lopez explained the importance of a derby for local children to participant in, especially during COVID-19.

“We also recognize that many kids can’t go to school due to distance learning and have limited opportunities to get out of the house now due to COVID-19, so hopefully this fishing derby can provide fresh air and a constructive activity away from the computer screen for a bit,” said Lopez.

At the conclusion of the tournament, winners and prizes will be announced on The CB Stop Facebook page and on The CB Stop website. 

“We care about our community and the safety of our customers and employees. With this fishing derby we hope to give back to our customers,” said Lopez. 

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What is the’CB Stop’ ? What is their website address and contact information


Great idea! You’d think the county would’ve already done something like this by now! Or at least would support it more!

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