Coach Kito

BRAWLEY — Sergio “Kito” Duran, 55, has seen it all through his 25 years coaching youth sports. Initially coaching his children through their favorite athletic endeavors in football, basketball, softball, and soccer, Duran’s place is not on the sidelines or a bench, as he has continued coaching now that his grandchildren have stepped into sporting competition.

“At first, I just did it to spend time with my kids, but as they grew to love the sports, it fueled my love for coaching and sports as well,” said Duran.

Over the years, Duran has been a well-known face at local athletic competitions and events, with many of his former athletes stopping by for a quick conversation and sometimes even advice as they begin their own coaching careers. Many still refer to Duran as “Coach Kito” long after their days under his tutelage.

Duran will be adding another feather to his coaching cap as he is entering a 10-u team to IVGSL competition under the team name Imperial Valley Heat for their winter ball session beginning in October.

“I got this together so players that love the game can play longer than just a parks and recreation season,” said Duran.

“We’re looking for players and parents that are committed and love the game,” added Duran.

**Tryouts are scheduled for 8 a.m. Saturday, October 19 at Hinojosa Park in Brawley. For more information, Duran can be reached at (760) 550-0442**

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