Passing League 1

IMPERIAL TIGERS' defensive player Steven Shaw push the Criminals receiver out into coverage to block any chance of a pass. 

EL CENTRO The Central Spartans hosted their annual passing league tournament Wednesday, June 19 to let teams in and around the Imperial Valley test the waters for the upcoming football season.

All the teams from the Imperial Valley showed up to play including the Spartans, Imperial Tigers, Vincent Memorial Scots, Brawley Wildcats, and Calexico Bulldogs. Teams from out of town were the Yuma Criminals, Yuma Catholic High School Shamrocks, and CETYS.

“We host these tournaments throughout the summer to give the different organizations in and outside the Imperial Valley a chance to look at new and old players so they can understand how to develop them for the upcoming season,” said Central Spartan Head Coach David Pena.

Teams were spread out on the fields of Central High School so they could face off against their opponents.

One of the fields used was Central’s main football stadium, split so four teams could play on it at once. The two sets of teams would start at the 50-yard line and work their way to the end-zone.

Facing off against each other were the Imperial Tigers and the Yuma Criminals. The games consisted of two twenty-minute halves, and like all football games, the teams had four plays to try and make in the end-zone. Even though the score was not recorded, the Tigers’ quarterback Jordan Reed threw for four touchdown passes, while the Criminals only threw for three.

On the other side of the field, the Central Spartans got ready to face off against the Brawley Wildcats. The Spartans sent their senior quarterback, Deniro Osuna, who threw for five touchdowns. One of the throws by Osuna connected with Todd Salcido, who leaped over his defenders to make the catch in the end-zone. The Wildcats used their quarterback, Jacob Ramirez, who threw for a total of three touchdown passes in this game.

As the afternoon grew later, the teams moved around the fields to face off against other teams, giving coaches and players practice in real game situations to learn what areas need to be developed before the start of the season.

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