Calexico vs. Brawley tennis

Calexico senior Vidal Castañeda takes a swing at Wednesday's match against Brawley.

BRAWLEY — Calexico High School tennis beat Brawley Union High School Wednesday, April 28, in Brawley, bringing the third Imperial Valley League match to a close with a 14-3 score.

Skills that were rusty at the beginning of the season have quickly become honed once again as the players duked it out on the courts. Both teams competed in the heat of the afternoon in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

Top scores for each were 7-5 boys singles for Calexico’s Vidal Castañeda and Devin Otero for Brawley and 6-3 with Calexico’s Yuli (last name omitted) and Brawley’s Kamaya Robles. Doubles high scores were also in Calexico’s favor with top scores 7-5 in boys and 6-2 in girls. Mixed doubles scores again were for Calexico with a top score of 7-5.

Calexico Coach Xavier Rodriguez said the team has bounced back quickly from the year of no activity. His focus was for them to get back into a rhythm and have fun.

“It’s not win or lose, it’s just to get the kids out here,” said Rodriguez. “Just to see them go from the way they have been and go back to being the ready kids they are.”

This week will be the last matches of the season before the Imperial Valley League Finals on May 18 and 19. CIF matches will begin next Monday, May 10.

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