MAZATLAN, SINALOA — With the expansion of the Mexican Pacific Baseball League to the regions of Guasave and Monterrey Mexico, there have been modifications implemented to the league’s ranking system for the 2019 – 2020 season. 

The league’s ranking system has been revamped to properly allocate points to teams in the two waves of play that define the 68-game season.  

Games will continue to be played as normal but the new allocation of points will be distributed at the conclusion of each session. 

New Point System: First Place – 10 points, Second Place –  9 points, Third Place – 8 Points, Fourth Place – 7 Points, Fifth Place – 6 Points, Sixth Place 5.5 points, Seventh Place – 5 Points, Eighth Place – 4.5 Points, Ninth Place – 4 points, and Tenth Place – 3.5 Points.

At the conclusion of the regular season, a ranking system will be utilized to determine where the eight teams with the most points will be seeded for the postseason.

With the inclusion of two new teams to the playoffs, the win in round has been eliminated.

“This is a natural change derived for the two-team expansion,” said Omar Canizales Soto in Spanish. “With these two new teams, the new point system will elevate the level of competition by adding to the list of squads that make the playoffs. Competitiveness will heighten throughout our league now with the implication of single elimination rounds. From here on out, it is sudden death, no more second chances. We are certain that new campaign will be a winning move for our league.”

*All stats and information provided by Mexicali Aguilas

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