Aguila outfield 2019-2020

Mexicali Aguila's Chris Roberson will be one of the feathered fliers' fortified outfielders who will add zest to the 2019–2020 season.

MESA, AZ — For the 2019–2020 LMP (Pacific Mexican Baseball League) season, the Mexicali Aguilas will count on a combination of experience, athleticism, and explosiveness in the outfield.  

Chris Roberson will lead the way for Mexicali, entering his 15th season in the LMP (ninth with the Feathered Fliers).  During his illustrious career, Roberson has notched 873 hits (549 while on the Aguilas), 95 doubles, and 43 home runs during eight seasons with Mexicali.

Jay Austin will debut during this winter season. Austin is a natural lefty who has been a relevant contributor to the Campeche Pirates batting .337, while hitting 17 home runs, and stealing 33 bases in 41 attempts; a statistical output which captured the attention of the Mexicali Aguilas front office.    

Juan Perez will wear the Aguilas uniform again this season.  Finishing last season in good rhythm, "Juanderful,” homered 23 times and hit 151 singles in 112 games. With the Saltillo Saraperos, Perez possessed one the strongest arms in the outfield and was a big threat in the batters box.       

The Mexicali Aguilas will count on the rest of the outfielders, who are currently displaying the ability to shine in the LMP: Leo German has circuit-ball experience, Fabricio Macias who plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, Rafael Franco (another MLB prospect who plays for a Cincinnati Reds affiliate), and Mexicali native Antonio Castaneda who played in the Liga Norte de Mexico (Northern Mexican Baseball League) with the Ensenada Marineros in 2019.

These outfielders will monitor the outfield walls of Farmacias Sta. Monica Stadium during the opening game of the 2019–2020 LMP season October 11 when the Aguilas host the Monterrey Sultanes.    

*All statistics and information provided by Mexicali Aguilas.

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