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Josh Rosen

Things are starting to heat up in the sports world as we enter the middle part of August. Football is back, well sort of, and the baseball pennant races are in full swing. So let’s jump right in.

Interesting comments by UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen about college and college football. In case you missed it, the Bruins’ signal caller said earlier this week that “football and school don’t go together.” His reasoning is that playing college football takes up so much time the athletes don’t have enough time left over to devote to their studies. Honestly, I think he is right. As college football becomes more and more of a cash cow for colleges the players are expected to devote more and more time to it. This leaves less time for class work. Anyone who thinks things are the way they were 30 or 40 years ago has their head firmly planted in the sand. I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again, it might be time to start paying college football players and maybe cut back on the academic expectations, especially during the fall.

Looks like Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed, despite the potentially season-ending injury to Miami Dolphin quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Kaepernick committed the ultimate sin, and it had nothing to do with kneeling during the national anthem. He cost the NFL money because people tuned out due to what he did. Sadly, this is far more egregious than killing someone, or hitting a woman, or killing dogs. Honestly, I will be surprised if Kaepernick ever gets another NFL job – no matter how many protests they hold outside pro football’s headquarters in New York.

The Red Sox appear to be pulling away in the American League East as they have won seven in a row as the Yankees and Aaron Judge slump. Honestly, right now there appears to be just one legitimate division race and that is in the NL Central where the Cubs are one-and-a-half games up on the Brewers. Good thing we have the fight for the wild card slots to keep us entertained.

Speaking of Judge, the best player in the first half of the season, has hit just .182 since the All-Star break and looks pretty lost at the plate. Count me as one of the people who is not surprised. Pitchers figure young hitters out. It is then up to the young hitters to adjust to the new pitches they are seeing. Judge has yet to make the adjustments. I am guessing he will figure it out though. He has the pedigree, and he now has a track record to show that he can be a dominant big league hitter.

Finally, Devonta Freeman is the highest paid running back in the NFL! Who saw that coming? Not me, that’s for sure. The Falcons paid Freeman $41.25 million for the next five years, which means he makes about $1.25 million more than LeSean McCoy. Ridiculous salaries aside, I think it is interesting that the unheralded Freeman, who is probably not so well known outside of Atlanta and fantasy football circles, now makes more than whatever big name running back you can name. It just goes to show that the money comes to those who succeed on the field. Even if they do it under the radar.


  1. My bad! Last year 16 TD’s and 4 interceptions. Hmmmm! Took them to the Super Bowl and NFC championships in years’ past. Hmmmm! Pretty nice resume compared to many of the crappy starters in the NFL. NFL talent evaluators have been wrong many, many times. He shouldn’t walk into a starting job, but his body of work should enable him a job. They give jobs to abusers, dope-heads and those with challenged personal decision-making. Stand up (I mean sit down) for social justice, and well that is too much. I am a white dude and twice have had law enforcement officers point their weapons at me in the younger days. All lives matter and the punishment seems a little extreme. We all know there are different justice systems for rich and poor, white and black. God forbid we talk about it!!

  2. Decreased viewing of NFL football has nothing to do with Kapernick’s protest. Fantasy football is turning viewers away from the game and towards statistics. People, because of their gambling or gaming,are more interested in individual performances than team outcomes. Kapernick is a great talent that we viewers deserve to see more of. Expressing his 1st amendment right of free speech shouldn’t cost him a career. If he was white, he would be working. I personally am going to boycott watching any 49er games in protest. If NFL fans would begin boycotting the NFL, Kapernick would have a job this weekend!!!!

    • If Kaepernick didn’t have crappy stats for the last two years, he would be playing this weekend. Poor performance PLUS the anthem protest equals sitting at home, counting the millions he’s already made from the game.

      NFL talent evaluators were never big on Kap to begin with. They considered his early success to be largely a product of the system he was in. Once defensive coordinators figured out his tendencies and the fact that he can’t run a pro style offense well (he doesn’t check down to other receivers, he doesn’t read defenses well, etc), his athletic ability wasn’t enough to get him by.

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