Slow-cooked Ribs Quickly Eaten at Holtville’s Rib Cook-Off

Bob's Barbecue booth posts a sign notifying guests that ribs have been sold out within hours of opening.
Bob’s Barbecue, a booth at Holtville’s Rib Cook-Off, posts a sign notifying guests that ribs have been sold out within hours of opening on Saturday.

HOLTVILLE — Slow-cooked and quickly eaten, the ribs at the 24th Annual Holtville Rib Cook-off Extravaganza proved to be a success. On Saturday, guests were able to enjoy award-winning ribs from various booths throughout the event.

“The overall goal was to raise funds for not only Holtville Athletics, but as well as other organizations that run this event,” explained Chris Sharp, who was in charge of running the Holtville Athletics booth.

Bob’s Barbecue, “Rednek” Ribs, The Wild Bunch Bar-B-Q and much more were all available for guests to enjoy. Organizers prepared for an anticipated crowd of 12,000 this year by reserving 12,000 pounds of fresh pork ribs. This seemed like a great estimate, until the record-breaking crowd got a hold of them.

“This was probably the best of the years that I’ve been to, because everybody sold out of ribs,” said Julie Renteria, who has helped with the New Creations Women’s lemonade booth for four years. “And we sold out of everything halfway through it. There’s a lot of disappointed people walking around seeing those ‘Out of Ribs’ signs.”

For those who didn’t make it in time to enjoy the ribs, there was also 250 gallons of old fashioned ice cream, freshly-made kettle corn, and Vessy’s Wood-Fired Hot Dogs to satisfy the appetite.

And for participants looking to be entertained, there was a mechanical bull ride, a slingshot shooting gallery, and a milk bottle knock-down gallery. There were also live performances from bands such as Opus and Megan Strahm and the True Blues.

“Twenty-five years now, that is pretty incredible,” said Sharp. “It usually gets a very good turnout, but we can tell that the crowd was especially large this year, and I think everything went really, really well. I think it’s fabulous that the Imperial Valley and people from all over come together and continue to support this event.”

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