Short film event brings smiles




IMPERIAL — Ricochet Event center was the location for a Premiere night of the short film, “Make it Count”. Being a Sonic Films production, the movie premiere gathered over one hundred people to eat, socialize, and dance to live music.

The film touched on themes of family, love, and hope. Starring Cassidy Tinch, and Paityn Hoff, a mother and her child reminisce on the memories they’ve made, along with the hope for a better future. Being only nine years old, Paityn acted well beyond her age, giving a somber tone when necessary, and emoting joy when needed. The two stars were rewarded with a roaring round of applause.

The key scene in the short film is where Paityn Hoff lays on her bed and prays, while her mother types up a letter that signifies the news that her cancer has spread.

“I act in my room all the time when I’m bored. I do lots of acting by myself so it was easy for me,” the gleeful nine-year-old remarked. The young girl connected to the director, Rojian, through Facebook. The Imperial native is no stranger to the big stage however;  as this was her third acting job. Having been in two plays,  she is comfortable with the spotlight.

‘The movie is about family, and the precious time you have in your hands. The film was based off a movie called 1994. I saw the film, and wanted to make a version of my own,” Rojian Lira, the director said. “A Sony a6000, and a Canon 7d were used to shoot the movie.”

Fifteen people were involved in the production, actors, developers, and cast. Those who came had a great night of fun. Sonic Films staged a wonderful night of dancing and local entertainment .