Rural Reader Writes: Will work for insurance


“All major decisions are based on insufficient data!”

That is one of the many truisms written in a great book titled, “If You Meet Buddha on the Road, Kill Him.” This column is not a book review, but the book is a good one. At the end of the book, it lists about 30 truths that have helped me from time to time. Many are Biblically-based. Another truism I like is “Forgive yourself…again, and again and again….” Don’t we all mess up, again and again? Well I do.

We make decisions like getting married, a career choice, investments, buying a house, having children, and we hope for the best. But we really don’t know how it will play out. How will the spouse change? What will happen to property values? Will this be a good job, or more frustration and fear? We plan on having a healthy child, but sometimes they have serious health issues! You get the picture.

When I retired from the school system, the retirement provided health care for me and my family until I was 65, and then Medicare kicks in. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, I had the data, but I didn’t look at it. I forgot that my lovely wife is a year and a half younger than me. Oops!

We now are in the position of having go out to purchase health insurance. It is not pretty out there, folks. We are going to be putting up big bucks to have a sense of fiscal security or we get to spend lots of money, to ensure we don’t get sick and have to spend even more money.

I have seen many men (and some women) out there, standing on the corner with the sign, “Will work for food.” I have never seen the “will work for health care” one, but I guess I am once again just blazing a new path in the forest.

We waited on the government, and again, they chose to disappoint. Anyway, I am very glad for two things: One, my wife is the best and I am glad I chose to marry beauty over the bucks. If had I married a rich gal, I wouldn’t be in this situation today. I am also grateful to God for providing for me a great, part-time teaching job for Imperial Valley College in the prisons. I love my job, but being a part-timer, there are no “benefits.” Most of my earnings will be going to pay for health care.

God has already provided for me and my family, but there are many out there who are not so blessed. We did put some money away, and the house is paid for, but that is the reason for insurance because a fall, heart attack or bout with cancer, and all you have saved can disappear in the bleep of a heart monitor.

I am old, but pretty healthy, so I could work a second job. But having worked two jobs for the last three decades… well, Jim is a little tired. But I would work if it involved writing, being a male secretary, health education or doing something that was neither physical nor technical. I know my limits. The body hurts and my brain is just a little dumb when it comes to technology.

School is starting kids. Be smart. Get a good education. It is one of the many ways to ensure good insurance. The private sector can be kind, but some of the best insurance comes from working in public service, education or the government. If you finish your degree, there are no guarantees, just more opportunities.

The wife and I will get through this. God is in the comforting business and whatever the affliction, He has it covered. After all, He offers the best insurance with great protection against fire, there are no premiums, and it is free. He did all the work on the cross and we need only call on Him and sign up. We don’t have to work in order to get it, although if you have faith, you will want to show it with some deeds. Getting his Holy Health Insurance is easier than Obamacare, but like I said, for that we are not eligible. If you need help with His Health Insurance, give me a call. There is no website. All who call upon the Lord will be insured!