Ross Simmons on Decision to Step Down as IID General Counsel

Ross G. Simmons

EL CENTRO – The Imperial Irrigation District (IID) board accepted Ross Simmons’ resignation as general counsel Tuesday, June 14.

The board directed IID General Manager Kevin Kelley to retain El Centro attorney Frank Oswalt as interim general counsel and to initiate the recruitment of a permanent general counsel as successor to Simmons. Simmons will continue with IID as special counsel to the board.

“I told the board that the position has become larger than my community activities and outside interests can accommodate, and it would be prudent for IID to pursue my successor,” said Simmons.

Simmons is extremely active in youth organizations, including leading two Boy Scout troops and serving as board chair of a non-profit youth organization, among other pursuits. Simmons, along with his son, Hunter, write a column for The Desert Review on flag etiquette called The Proper Standard.

According to Simmons, the increased relevance of IID’s in-house legal team during his tenure, which he stressed is gratifying and of utmost importance, is at a place where it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to effectively balance his commitments.

“This transition reflects the board’s kind accommodation of my community service and other personal commitments, while retaining my legal support on pressing agency issues, both ongoing and to come,” said Simmons. “The board and I are looking to forge a more manageable role for me to fill, that I would hope will permit my service both to the IID ratepayers and to my community to continue indefinitely.”



  1. Congratulations Ross! Thank you for your continued community service. I know from experience, our local scouts greatly appreciate your commitment and leadership.

  2. Let’s have Zcash take over this too. They already have the energy department, the gm office and most of the board.

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