Rose School Honored By DAR



Rose School
Rose School

IMPERIAL – The beloved local Rose School, a founding landmark in the Imperial Valley, was honored in a special ceremony by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Desert Palm Chapter, on Saturday, January 16.  

The Rose School was presented with a plaque commemorating its significance to the Valley since its opening in 1910.  The dedication took place at Pioneers Museum and in true DAR fashion, boasted a patriotic program.

The ceremony featured Jack Tyler, author of Early Schools of Imperial Valley, who presented his findings on the history of the Rose School, along with the Imperial High School Chorus, who performed a patriotic and nostalgic medley, directed by George Scott.  The plaque was presented by Carolyn Roth, Chair of the Plaque Committee within the DAR, and Janice Shank, Regent of the Desert Palm Chapter.

Tyler described the conditions of early school-going, painting a mental picture of what life was like for early Valley settlers.

“Rose School in 1910 had one teacher, who earned an average of $100 a month,” Tyler said.  “Today there are 18 school districts in the Imperial Valley.”

As the Imperial Valley first came together, Tyler explained the three first constructed buildings.  “When people settled into a new place, the first three things they built were a hotel, a bank, and a school,” he said.  “Most importantly, if the town didn’t have a school, the people wouldn’t come.”

Rose School remained in operation until 1948, when the Rose School District merged with Mesquite School District, forming the Rose-Mesquite School District.  From that point on, Rose School was no longer in operation as a school, Tyler said.

“It had other occupancies, but from that point it was no longer used as a school building,” said Tyler.

In 1961, The Rose-Mesquite School District merged with the City of Imperial, dissolving both the Rose and Mesquite School Districts, Tyler informed.
More of Tyler’s work on the history of the Imperial Valley is on display at the Pioneers Museum.