Ronald McDonald House Hosts Picnic for Families Helped by Charity

A helper at the food booth serving a freshly made hamburger to a guest at the picnic on Saturday afternoon.
A helper at the food booth serving a freshly made hamburger to a guest at the picnic on Saturday afternoon.

IMPERIAL — The Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego held their 4th Annual Families Supporting Families Picnic at Eager Park on Saturday afternoon.

“The overall goal today is to give all Imperial Valley families who have been cared for at the Ronald McDonald house over the years the opportunity to meet one another, to have an afternoon of fun, and to see them outside of their stresses that they face while in the hospital,” explained Allegra Sonza, the event organizer.

From 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., families were able to support each other while having an enjoyable day outside. Friendship was strongly encouraged between families at the event to help them get past the hardships they may face.

“This is our 4th annual family picnic for the families,” said Sonza. “I’d say they’re just getting better and better. More people within the community are becoming aware that the Ronald McDonald house is, although in San Diego, there to serve all Imperial Valley families. Twenty-five percent of the families from the Imperial Valley are cared for at the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego. We’re just continuing to build that awareness for these families to know that they have a home away from their own home here in the valley.”

Guests were treated to freshly made BBQ food and live music to accompany the nice weather during Saturday afternoon. Younger guests were able to enjoy the splash pad and jump house at the event.

“The overall outcome for today is great,” commented Sonza. “We probably have about 100 and some odd people here. We’ve had great support, we have IVROP here doing fun painting activities for the kids, we have Hawaiian shaved ice. McDonalds is such a wonderful supporter of us that has provided all the food for us. It’s been a great day and we’re so happy to see everyone happy and having a good time and enjoying themselves.”

“This event is kind of a precursor to our signature fundraiser that we hold in October known as Red Shoe Day where we have over 300 volunteers within the community come out and raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House,” said Sonza.

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