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John Renison
John Renison

I have a lot to report this week. Last week was a very important and historical week.  County Supervisor Mike Kelley and I met with a contingent of Baja California officials to discuss the possibility of importing water from the Gulf of Mexico to the Salton Sea. This is one of the most important issues of our time. In two years, excess water ceases to go into the sea, for that reason it is urgent that we develop a way to present the sea from drying up further. Exposed playa will create an environmental disaster for the Imperial and Mexicali Valleys.


State of California officials are now currently looking at ways to come up with various plans as is the Salton Sea Authority. This problem was created with the historic water transfer of 2003 and the Quantification Settlement Agreement with the San Diego Water Authority. It is time to come to a final decision on how to solve this disaster ready to happen. Imperial County has the highest rate of asthma of all 58 California counties. If strong winds prevail, and you know they will, the Imperial and Mexicali Valleys would be impacted with a high level of dust from the dry sea bed. I am pleased with the support of Baja California officials and private sector individuals that are supporting our efforts so far.


Winterhaven and County officials attended a ceremony to mark the start of a project to redo the two water tanks serving the community as well as the replacement of twelve fire hydrants. Esperanza Colio, Economic Development Manager for the County of Imperial is to be commended for the job of obtaining much needed funding for this project.


The County will soon conduct interviews for the Public Information Officer position. The Board of Supervisors recently created this position so that all county departments have a centralized person in charge of social media, news conferences, web page and a county newsletter. It is my hope that this position will create better outreach for all media including the Spanish language community.


Congratulations to Katie Turner who assumed the position of County Counsel this last week. She succeeds Mike Rood who served in that position for seven years. Katie brings much experience and talent to a very well organized office. I wish her luck in her new position.


I am here to help in any way I can with County issues. I receive many calls every week and am more than happy to help out. Call me anytime.


John R. Renison is County Supervisor, District 1. He can be reached by email: or by calling 442-265-1031. Alejandra Amaro is our Office contact. She can be reached at 442-265-1030.


    • Mexicali will not clean their act up as far as the river goes. Why would they give for free their water to the richest, most powerful country in the world?

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