A Night of Comedy at Christ Community Church

DUSTIN NICKERSON takes the stage at Christ Community Church for a night of comedy and to support Youth for Christ. 

EL CENTRO — The Youth for Christ group of the Imperial Valley hosted a night of comedy at Christ Community Church May 31 to support their organization and the services they bring to the youth of surrounding communities.

YFC brought out Kerri Pomarolli who has appeared in over 75 stage productions and recurring roles on several TV shows as well as her own TV web series, “Momland.” She has also toured with comedians like Jim Carrey and Carol Channing and has appeared 29 times on the Tonight Show as well as Good Morning America, Showbiz Tonight, CNN, Nick at Nite, Lifetime TV, and the Oxygen Channel.

Also performing was Dustin Nickerson, who just returned from the Human Being Tour. Nickerson has also been seen on “Laughs” on Fox, the PBS Comedy Hour, Hulu, and can regularly be heard on Sirius Radio XM, Rooftop Comedy, and the Darren Streblow Show.

“This was a great show that brought out awesome talents that had me and [my] family in non-stop laughter with their funny twists on everyday life,” said attendee Michael Mendoza.

Youth for Christ (YFC) of the Imperial Valley is an organization founded in the Imperial Valley in 1994 and seeks to connect with teenagers. Youth for Christ visits different school districts in the Valley to reach teenagers at their level. By meeting students on-campus through the program, YFC work as a vehicle to connect students around the Valley to local churches. Currently, Youth for Christ engages 700 students each week to 18 different ministry sites, allowing them to reach thousands of teenagers.

After both of the comedians performed for the crowd, senior pastor Chris Nunn stood front and center for a brief message.

“It is great to see so many of people here tonight to support the Youth For Christ of Imperial Valley and I am thankful we are able to come out for a night of fun and time to evangelize together,” said Senior Pastor Chris Nunn.

The pastor closed with a brief sermon and prayer to officially end the event for the evening.

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