Queen Esther

On the 25th of February, Jewish people around the world will come together and celebrate Purim. This special day of feasting honors the heroic actions of Esther, a young Hebrew woman who risked her life to save her people from annihilation.

Esther was a godly, strong, and beautiful young woman who became the queen to King Xerxes of Persia. She was put to the test when her uncle, Mordecai, uncovered a plot to kill all the Jews in that country.

She struggled with the very real risk of death that would come from approaching King Xerxes without being summoned. If he did not welcome her, Esther could be killed. When she hesitated, Mordecai challenged her with a truth that still applies to you and me today:

“Who knows but that you have come into the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

When Esther bravely approached the king, he welcomed her into his presence and acted to stop the approaching slaughter. The man behind the plot—a government official named Haman—was executed, and Esther became one of the Bible’s great heroines.

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