Have you ever thought about what is NOT going to be in heaven? As I was reading in Revelation chapter 22 in verse 5, it tells us that there is no night there. Now I have been a believer since I was 12 years old, and I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that there will be no night in our eternal home called heaven. But for some reason I never really thought about the fact that it means there will be no stars and I thought, “Aww, I am going to miss seeing the stars at night.”

Back in chapter 21:1 it says, “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth were passed ways; and there was no more sea.”  Wait! There is no more sea? No ocean? No porpoise or seals? No star fish or clown fish? Isn’t it funny how our finite human minds work? There will be no more PAIN, SORROW, SUFFERING, and I am thinking about stars and the oceans? Why is it, we as humans, tend to dwell on what we think we are missing out on, rather than what we actually have? I think in this instance, it is because we are unable to fathom what eternity will be like. It is beyond our comprehension, so with our sinful nature still intact, we try to figure things out, but there is nothing on which we can ground our thinking.

 When the Apostle Paul was caught up into the “third” heaven (meaning where God dwells) he tells us that he was told not to say what he saw, but then he continues to say that even if God had given him permission to try to explain, there wouldn’t be adequate words to express what he saw. How would you explain color to a blind person? For red, you might say it is like the heat you feel from the sun or the taste of a chili pepper on your tongue, or for the color orange you might take an orange and peel it and let him smell the orange. Then he would have a point of reference when someone would say something about an object being orange, but how would you explain purple? Or any of the other color variations found on the color wheel. This is what would happen to us if we were to try and explain something about heaven using earthly examples — they just aren’t adequate.

We know that heaven is beautiful, it is where God dwells and we will be with Him, our loved ones who have gone on before us will be there. There will be animals, trees, at least one river, a city that is a 1,500-mile cube and a wall surrounding it. It has 12 foundations made up of precious stones and 12 gates that are pearl. The Tree of Life is there, bearing 12 different kinds of fruit, one for each month. Come to think of it — I don’t think I am going to miss the stars and the ocean. I will be just fine. How about you?

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