Pastor Tom Hughes

Pastor Tom Hughes speaks about what Heaven will be like based on biblical passages. Photo by Karissa Colace

EL CENTRO - Christ Community Church in El Centro held a three-day prophecy conference, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, featuring three renowned experts on eschatology, or the Christian study of the final events of history. 

Pastor Tom Hughes, Dr. David Reagan and Dr. David Hocking each gave presentations concerning the importance of Bible prophecy, how Israel and the church are prophesied in the Bible, and if the world is living in the End Times.

Tom Hughes of the 412 Church in San Jacinto, California runs the ministry “Hope for our Times," which reviews the events of the world today and highlights the biblical aspect and what believers should be watching for in the end times.

Hughes’ talks focused on how Israel is central to God’s plan, and what to expect Heaven to be like, which did not include sitting on a cloud with wings and playing a harp. He argued if God was able to give us such natural beauty in a fallen world, how much more beautiful Heaven will be, and that Christians will not have less than what is on earth, but incredibly more.

Dr. Reagan is the founder of Lamb and Lion ministries, and his national television program, “Christ in Prophecy,” airs weekly. Reagan started the conference with his talk on the importance of biblical prophecy and how in the last generation he has seen the fulfillment of prophesy.

Reagan mentioned not only the forming of the state of Israel in 1948, but how the Jewish people, scattered throughout the globe, have returned to their people’s former homeland, a feat never seen before, but one that was foretold in the Bible. Reagan also said the dead Hebrew language has also been resurrected. 

Dr. Hocking, a frequent visitor to Christ Community Church, spoke on how Jerusalem was the eye of the hurricane for biblical prophecy, because it was and is the city God resides in.  The three main religions, the Muslims, Jews, and Christians all consider Jerusalem their Holy City, Hocking said. 

Hocking concluded the conference on Sunday with his warning of apostasy in the last days. Apostacy, according to Hocking, is turning away from the truth of the Bible and its teachings.

“I learned so much and it all was so interesting,” said Sarah Rubio of El Centro, who attended the conference. “I’m bringing my mother with me to the next session.”

Pastor Walter Colace of Christ Community Church introduced each of the speakers and gave an invitation to the audience to come forward and accept Christ after each session. Many stepped forward after hearing of the power of the Bible to accurately predict the future as it has been proven through past predictions. Various worship teams provided music between speakers.


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