Jonathan's ministry group prays for the Hawk's next chapter back in the States

JONATHAN'S MINISTRY GROUP prays for the Hawk's next chapter back in the States.

Updates from Jonathan:

This last month has been a month of changes not only for us but also for the ministry. 

Hannah House: 

We have officially moved Hannah House from our three-story townhouse of over 10 years to a new location. Our new home has a yard so we can hold events, has two private areas, one for Pin and another for Rang and her son, plus everything is on the same floor. We feel this new place will also help the girls interact better and make things feel more "homey."

Our Family: 

This last month has been quite a busy and emotional one, saying our goodbyes to our friends in Thailand and packing things up for our move back to the States. We had a beautiful farewell party Pin put on for us and there were plenty of tears to go around. We have developed deep relationships and it is hard to leave and start again in the States. We heard comments and saw things that showed our time in Thailand was not a waste. Fai, for instance, shared how we changed her life. She was the quiet one when she first came into the home. Now she is totally different. 

Thae (who I would meet with because of her involvement in terrible things like human trafficking) cried and shared. She held me as everybody prayed over us. Another girl, Nana (one of our first graduates), had once shared with me that if it wasn’t for Hannah House she probably would have killed herself. Now she is married to a pastor and has her first child. 

In thinking of the lives of those we ministered to, I saw many who were different. The Emanuel men walk in so much more boldness. They now regularly go up into villages to minister. Sompon, one of the men there, used to be living with his girlfriend and far from God. Now he is married, loves God, and is expecting his first child. 

For us, it is the close of one chapter and a beginning of a new one. We had heard from others how difficult it can be for missionaries to transition home; you are never quite prepared. For example, we had to sell most of our things at a big loss, car, appliances (wrong voltage) and then live with others while trying to find a job, get insurance, vehicles, a home, etc., besides getting adjusted to the culture and the ways of thinking again. However, we have been blessed to have such an amazing supportive base here in the Valley between our friends and family which has helped us so much over the years and in this move as well. So, thank you to all who have been there for us. 

Announcement: For those who would like to catch up with us we will have a Welcome Home Open House at Trinity Baptist Church in Holtville July 16 from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. Please RSVP to Susie Hawk by July 10 if you plan to attend (760) 960-2097. 

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