Ashley and Jonathan Hawk began a ministry in Thailand many years ago. Although they are now back stateside, the work they started continues with several disciples. The column below includes testimonies from Pin and Dream.

Update from Pin

We had the opportunity to go to a disability home and do activities with them as well as provide them with lunch. They were very happy to have us come, and we were very blessed to go. During lunch, our girls spread out to talk to them about Jesus and life. One man shared he felt rejected because nobody in his family talked to him. He was wanting to just connect with us. He was so happy when one of our girls went up and struck up a conversation with him. Some of them were sad while others have been strong under their circumstances. Our girls were really impacted by this visit and felt encouraged. 

They realized sometimes they are not satisfied with what they have and have at times felt rejected. Yet when they saw these people living life and never giving up, they realized they too must not give up, for they have God, and they don’t have to live life with a disability. For all of our girls except one, this was the first time to go to the disability home.  

Dream's testimony:

When I went home to visit my parent’s I noticed that they were not serious about their relationship with God. They cared more about their job and money. They didn’t even go to church on Sundays. One morning my father got in a big accident and damaged his truck when he dozed off at the wheel. The cost of fixing it was more than he could pay. I thought that this was a good wake up call for my parents to return back to the Lord. 

However, when I looked back on my life, I realized how preoccupied I too had been with my studies. So, I tried to be more serious about God, but I felt God was far from me and I didn’t know what to do. I was unhappy and I told my leader that when I tried to worship God and spend time, I didn’t seem to connect with God. 

So, she took me in the car, and we went and spent time with God for over an hour where I asked God to let His Spirit speak to me. I felt God’s presence come and embrace me. In that time, I felt God impress upon my heart that He has always loved me. I felt energized, full of peace, happy and free. Before I felt God was not with me. We have been learning about spiritual warfare and I realize that I had been deceived by the enemy. Thank you, God, for your love for me!


I praise God that the girls are getting many great opportunities to minister and get poured into. Please pray for them that they will grow up in the ways of God and develop as Christian leaders so they will be able to take the light of the gospel into the dark places of Thailand. Thank you for how you have loved and given to us.

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