Christ Community Church senior pastor Walter Colace at a Thailand Church service

Christ Community Church senior pastor Walter Colace at a Thailand Church service.

Thailand has begun the smokey season early this year. With the skies already being covered in smoke many are already beginning to wear masks. These masks, however, are not just from the burning of the forest but are also for protection from the coronavirus. With 32 known cases in Thailand many are now in fear of an outbreak.

They have put many restrictions upon the Chinese tourist and flights to and from China. This has also led to fears for the economy because Thailand is dependent on Chinese tourism. To add to these fears, Thailand has also experienced their biggest mass shooting at a mall by the hand of a government soldier. With all these new fears we see an urgent need for the truth of Jesus Christ to be shared with those who are lost.

We praise God that through His son Jesus we do not need to live in the fears of this world but can have hope and trust in God to protect and provide for us. That truth is what the Hannah House girls carry, so pray they will have boldness to share with their friends during this time of uncertainty.

Just recently Christ Community Church had a small team go to Thailand to minister. While they were there, Pin had the amazing opportunity to travel with them and learn how to minister using the Jesus Film Project.

A sponsor of Disciple Thailand has blessed our ministry and a children’s home to be able to use the Jesus Film. We will be able to play the Jesus film in remote areas showing it in their native language! The Jesus Film Project has already been used to lead 490 million people to Christ! Praise God for this amazing ministry and for our sponsors in providing the equipment for this to be used.

The team was able to train Pin on how to use this equipment and play the film at an Akka village close to the children’s home.

When the team came back to Chiang Mai, Pin spent a day with the team and took them to the juvenile prison where they presented the gospel and saw around 20 people give their lives to the Lord.

As for me, I have now been on staff as the discipleship pastor at Christ Community Church where I have started a discipleship school. It has been such a blessing being with my 18 students. In only a couple weeks I have already seen God touching the hearts of the students.

Lord willing, we will take a trip to Thailand in June to do outreach with the Hannah House girls and show the Jesus film. Last year I took our class in Thailand on a mission trip to Burma. This year we plan to bring both groups together to do a combined outreach that will, Lord willing, bring many to Christ.

As many of you know, Hannah House has been running for around 10 years. We as a ministry don’t have a lot of sponsors but we have some of the most amazing, loving, sacrificial givers who have given faithfully to this ministry for many years. So thank you for standing by us.

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