CALEXICO — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Calexico put on an Easter Drive-Thru event Saturday, March 27, for the community to have fun while learning about the Easter story. Volunteers arrived early to set up activity booths with prizes, religious images, pass out candy bags, and photograph families with the Easter Bunny.

Volunteers held up “enter here” signs to let people driving by know about the event. Families were encouraged to drive by booths of religious images and get out to do fun activities like egg toss and ball throwing. Afterwards, they walked to a lawn area where they could guess how many cardboard Easter eggs were displayed. The Easter Bunny greeted everyone and was available for pictures. People could also hold an Easter themed face in the hole board to have a fun memory to look back on.

Maria Otero participated in the drive-thru with her little one in tow. She found out about the event the day before, when she and her son were at Bucklin Park. She said the Easter Bunny was there and people were handing out flyers. Otero said she loved the event.

Priscilla Velazquez also attended the event with her kids. She said when she was driving by, she saw the volunteers holding up signs and decided to drive in. She thought it was fun and cute.

Randi Chatterton, one of the volunteers, talked a little bit about the event. She said Luis Rosales was the main organizer, donning the Easter Bunny outfit. They have had multiple events like the Easter drive-thru, including Halloween and Valentine’s Day. She said the goal for this drive-thru was to go bigger than before, with more decorations and treats to spread joy to the community. 

“There’s several missionaries of the church that are assigned to the area, so this is an opportunity for them to also do outreach,” Chatterton said. Missionaries are available to answer questions and interest about the church.

A flyer was handed out to people at the beginning of the drive-thru, telling the story of Easter, Chatterton said, and the events that Jesus Christ went through leading up to Easter. She said this helps people understand what happened while also having fun. 

“We’re really happy to spread joy to the community and also to let people know that we’re here to share the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Chatterton said. She emphasized wanting to share joy during the hard times of COVID-19.

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