Have you ever thought about what might be counted as “precious” to God? I decided to do a little of what I would call a “word study” and see what the scriptures reveal about what God thinks is precious.

In 1 Peter 1: 18-19 Peter tells about how our redemption was bought! Not with the blood of lambs or bulls, but with the PRECIOUS BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST, the perfect LAMB of God. Now that indeed is precious! Let’s look at some of the other instances where God uses the term precious, shall we?

Continuing in 1 Peter, there in chapter 2; Peter is still talking about Jesus. In verse 6, he refers to Jesus as the Corner Stone, Elect, Precious — there has never been a person that was like Jesus! Everything about Him was perfect, flawless, and precious. In fact, Peter goes on to say in the next verse that unto us who believe, “He is Precious!” I can hardly wait to meet our Savior when I read things like this! Now, let’s look at some instances recorded in the Old Testament where the word precious was used.

In 1 Kings 1:13 we find a story in the life of Elijah. King Ahaziah of Samaria had gotten hurt in an accident. He sends his men to inquire of the Devil to see if he is going to recover — stupid man, huh? God sends Elijah to intercept the men and asks the question, “Is there not a God in Israel that the king might inquire of? Go tell him, he is going to die!” Of course, this does not sit well with the king. He sends a captain and 50 men to go get Elijah. Elijah calls down fire from heaven and consumes the captain and the 50 men. The king sends 50 more and the same thing happens. The king sends another captain and 50 men, but this captain is smart! He reasons with Elijah, asking him if their lives are precious in his sight?  He is more honorable than the others, and God tells Elijah to trust this man and go down with him. You will have to read the story to find out what happens. So, God counted the lives of the men precious when the captain was humble in asking for mercy.

Long before Jim became a believer, God had given me a couple of verses in Psalm 126:5-6 that meant so much to me. They say, “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” That precious seed was Jim’s soul! I had wept over him and God gave me assurance that he would become a believer before he died. As you all know, these verses spoke truth! Not only did Jim become a believer in Jesus Christ but was called to preach His Word! I would call that joyful!

This last one that I want to share is very important to those who have lost loved ones. It is found in Psalm 116:15 and I quote: “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” While we the living, find no pleasure in the death of our loved ones, God on the other hand is excited to welcome them HOME! What a wonderful way of expressing His love and care for His children. What to us is a sad occasion, on the contrary, is a celebration in heaven when a believer dies. You do realize that anyone who has invited Jesus into their life is called a saint, right? Being a saint is not about what we do, but Who we belong to, and that is Jesus. If you know Jesus as your Savior, you are a SAINT and therefore “precious in His sight!”

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