Hannah House July/August Newsletter

Hannah House is a division of Disciple Thailand Ministries, a ministry developed by Holtville native Jonathan Hawk and his wife Ashley to reach the lost in Thailand. The Hawks have moved back to the Valley, but their trainees, Pin and Fai, continue the work.

Greetings from Pin:

In Thailand, the economy is really bad, so we partnered with our local church to do an outreach to a village of 400 houses. The church made 150 survival bags for adults and Hannah House made 30 for the kids in order to help the poor and sick there. We had different activities that we did with the kids and shared the love of God with the people. Three adults received Jesus and a couple people felt the love of God so powerfully that they cried.

I am not sure if you know this, but we go almost every Sunday evening to a certain area where we have handed out survival bags to families in the past in order to minister to the kids there. We have also been able to follow up with those who received Jesus as well as connect with unbelievers. The kids are overjoyed when we come and spend time with them. We hope that they will share Christ with their parents.

Fai’s story:

Fai is presently doing an internship at her school before graduating. She shared that God put a burden on her heart to have a Bible study at school for the kids where she is working. She didn’t know how to go about it, so she prayed to God. 

One day while she was praying for her lunch at the school cafeteria, children came up to her and asked her, “Teacher! Are you a Christian? Please teach us about Jesus. We want to know about Him.”

Presently there are five kids coming every day during their lunch break who are thirsty to learn more about God. Fai does a Bible study each day for about 30-40 minutes. Please keep her in your prayers. Presently she doesn’t have a place to teach because in her school the lunch hour is very noisy from all the other kids.

Jonathan Hawk:

I am so proud to see how bold some of our girls are to stand up and minister to crowds and those much older than themselves. This is a big part of what I wanted to see in Hannah House when I first started the home. Pin and Rang have been doing such a great job and I am thankful to be out of the picture (for the most part) so they can step up and lead.

Honestly, it has been such a difficult season for my missionary friends who serve in Thailand. It was already getting harder to stay in Thailand while we were still living there. Now however, due to the coronavirus, friends are getting ‘trapped’ in the States and aren’t able to return. If they are in Thailand it is unwise to leave because they aren’t sure they can get back in anytime soon. All this points to the fact that the goal of a missionary needs to be on raising up leaders and empowering them to do the work of ministry.

I am blessed over and over again by two things. First, I love to see how our girls minister to others and secondly how respectful they are of the elderly.

So, thank you all for coming beside us in partnership with this work for many years now. I praise God that even though these times are difficult, that we have been able to see a lot of fruit for the kingdom of God.

I am super thankful for my friend Nathan who has been able to stay in Thailand for coming and ministering to the kids during our church outreach.

If you would like to partner with us, you can do so by going online at disciplethailand.org or making your check out to Disciple Thailand Ministries and sending it to: Trinity Baptist Church

PO Box 776, Holtville, CA 92250 disciplethailand.org disciplethailand@gmail.com

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