EL CENTRO — Hundreds of local men from throughout the Valley congregated at Christ Community Church in El Centro Saturday, May 18, for the seventh round in the “Man Up” conference series where they were invited to go toe to toe with issues men face at home, in the community, within themselves, and how the proper worship can alleviate some of those ills.   

“This conference is being held to help more men become stronger in their faith in God, worship, and to be strong for each other so the men in our community can feel confident that their fellow brothers are here for them and lifting them up,” said event participant Israel Guerra.

According to organizers, the motivation behind this event is to give men the opportunity twice a year to worship together.

“We just want a bunch of men from Imperial Valley to get together, worship together, sing together, pray together, to hear great preaching from local pastors, and to discover what our identity as men [means],” said founder and senior pastor of El Centro’s Christ Community Church Walter Colace. “We look at what it means to be a man of God, a man of prayer, and a man of studying God’s Word and what that all means and requires.”

Men from various churches in the Valley and Christian rehabilitation centers such as New Creations, Turning Point, and Victory Outreach were in attendance.

“This is important for the men in our community because when there are breakdowns in the community, we need to look first at the breakdowns in the household,” said Colace. “So, we want to build men up and train them in the ways of God so that they can be the best husbands and fathers they have been called upon to be. Because a stronger household will make for a stronger community which is going make for a stronger state which is going to make for a stronger nation.”

At maximum attendance, the event has hit over 350 in the past. The same was anticipated for round seven.

During this year’s function, three guest speakers David Ascencio, Norm Chandler, and Richard Moore addressed the attendees and offered spiritual insight on becoming a better man in the eyes of God, family, and community.

“We would like to see more churches throughout the Valley involved,” said Colace. “We get together for a few hours in the morning so it’s not an all-day thing that is going to consume your day or weekend, and then we close with lunch for every man that attends.”    

Contact Christ Community Church in El Centro for details and dates for the next upcoming “Man Up” conference.  

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