Registrar of Voters updates latest tally


EL CENTRO – The Registrar of Voters has released the latest tally of mail in ballots. This year the mail in ballots outnumbered the votes cast in polling booths, the mail-in ballots numbered 19,267 to votes cast 16,108.

Of the 61,108 registered voters, the Valley hit a high of almost 58% voter turnout with 35,373 votes to date.

The mail in ballots that reached the registrar before November 6th were counted early and the first numbers released by the county office. The numbers released in the days after the election were those turned in the day of voting.  The Registrar office still has the provincial ballots to sort through and count those found to be legal votes.

The leaders in the IID district races, Steve Benson and Bruce Kuhn, have maintained their considerable leads, while Norma Galindo continues to lead the field of six.


  1. The 3-2 voting bloc has been swept away. I’m also going to DISNEYLAND!!! Finally something can get done to improve IID!!! So much to do!!!

  2. too early to celebrate homie unless you know something I don’t. the iid board needs to get organized and business like. no dwelling on the farmer, on the poor, or more and more details from staff when for some it will never be enough. they need to be adults and follow the proper governance policies and do whats right for the iid not for a specific group.

    if the iid wins we all win

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